9 Essential Online Camping Resources (#6 will connect you to the Stars)

Do you struggle to find all of the information you need online when preparing for your camping trip?  Would you like to have one place you can go to answer many of the questions you have hanging out there?  In this article I show you 9 online camping resources that help me plan and enjoy my camping trips.

This information is taken out of A Beginner’s Guide to Camping.  This is an ebook I recently published that helps people prepare and plan for their camping trips.

Camping Resources List:


#1: Finding a Campground

Here is an easy link to help find your best State Park opportunity.  Typically, State parks are safe and comfortable campgrounds that allow you to feel comfortable if unfamiliar with the area or camping in general.

State Parks

Additionally, have you ever heard about Meetups? You can find local groups that are interested in camping here and find out directly where good spots are to check out.  If you need more information on deciding where to go camping take a peak at this recent article.

#2: Camping Gear List

This list includes the master camping checklist to insure that you don’t forget any camping items.  This list will likely evolve over time but is a good starting point for your first trip.

#3: Choosing a Camping Stove and Grill

Here is the link that will help choose your next camping stove

This link guides you through some of the choices to look at when choosing a camping stove.  Here are some of the most trusted camping stoves for backpacking or car camping.  If you are interested in camp cooking without a stove take a look at this article.

Foodal.com does a great job of explaining your options when choosing a new barbecue grill.  This link will help you get started in getting the best portable grill for your next trip.

#4: Geocaching

Here is the link to the authority on this subject.  This site covers all of the basics to get you started with geocaching and will show you where to go.


#5: Camp and Hike App

Here is the checklist I use on my phone.

If you get to a point where you are feeling comfortable enough to transfer your master checklist to your phone, this is a good app to choose. It allows you to build your own categories and lists as needed.

#6: Star Walk App

Here is the link to an amazing application.

If you are ok taking out your phone while out camping, this app will help big time with star gazing. It uses your GPS location to allow you to identify all stars, constellations and planets.

Star Walk

#7: River Boating Information

See Stream Flow Data here.

If you are going on a float trip then this site will give the current river levels around the US. You can get predicted streams flows for each location that has a gauging station.  Putting together a solid plan is always important for any river float trip and safety should be a key item.  This article touches on both of these topics plus discusses additional topics for your next trip.

#8: Weather Information

Take a quick look at this weather site.

This weather forecast is as good as any that are out there and includes a few extras.

#9: Camping Forum

Here is one of the better camping forum’s online that has some pretty active people. Check it out if you want to connect to another community

Camping Forum


So there is my list to the top camping resources you will need to prepare, plan and enjoy your next camping trip.  This information was taken out of A Beginner’s Guide to Camping.  This ebook summarizes 20 years of camping experience into an easy and actionable guide to help prepare for your camping trips.

Send me an email and let me know what else you struggle with when trying to prepare for camping.  I know camping is extra challenging for parents and I hope to hear from a few of you as well.  These 9 camping resources should help make things a little easier for the community.

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