Black Diamond Voyager Lantern Review

Having a good lantern when camping or hiking at night is essential for safety and can prove invaluable if you need to repair a tent, cook as night draws in, look for something etc. This is where the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern comes in.Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Lanterns are very useful as they provide 360 degree light coverage, and good lanterns like this one come with a few different light features to toggle through depending on what kind of light you need.

Setup and Design Features

The Black Diamond Voyager Lantern is an upgraded version of a previous model. This latest model has a higher lumen rating, meaning it’s a brighter lantern. It has a double power LED main light with 75 lumens. As well as a double power LED flashlight with 50 lumens.

A lantern is only really as good as the quality and brightness of light it projects. This is where Black Diamond have improved with this model, and it’s now producing the kind of light you want from a camping lantern. It looks pretty good too with a classic lantern look and the on/off switch on the front. It’s available in a wide range of colors too, from black, white, grey, blue and even orange.

The Voyager has two lights, you can use together for extra distance and brightness or individually if one is enough for what you need. The main light is the 360 degree lantern light, and the second light is a flashlight that is situated on the bottom. The obvious advantage here is that with this two-in-one you don’t need to carry a separate flashlight.

As far as hanging and positioning the Voyager goes, Black Diamond have covered both sides. You have metal hooks so you can position the lantern on a branch or hang it from your camp table when you’re cooking. The bottom on the lantern has a strong rubber base, so it will grip and not slide wherever you sit it down.

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With this lantern being so affordable and reliable it’s a must have as part of your camping kit in my opinion. Whether you use it in a tent to read, hang it outside to keep the site lit, or just have it in you backpack in case you may need it. You’re going to thank yourself for buying one as soon as you use it.

Dimensions – 3” x 3” x 4.6” and weighs 4.6 oz


  • Easy to hang
  • Has different light modes
  • Strong, bright light output
  • Great value for money


  • Flashlight is not as powerful as some other lanternsBlack Diamond Voyager Lantern Bottom
  • Can prove difficult to open

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern Summary

It’s easy to say this about a lot of lanterns, but the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern is a great all-rounder. It’s not a super-powerful lantern or really good in any particular area. But, if you want a lantern that has a good lumen rating, is reliable, well-built, and looks good. This is the lantern for you. I like its versatility, you can use it as a lantern with either dim or strong light, or walk around holding it like a flashlight. It’s a must have campsite companion.


Having a lantern when camping is a must, and this Black Diamond Voyager Lantern won’t let you down. You can toggle between dim light for reading and keeping the camping area lit, or a bright light to help guide you in the dark. Click the link below to see the latest offers and some additional reviews.

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