Camp Chef Yukon 60 2 Burner Stove Review

Anyone who has ever eaten food prepared on a camping stove has probably seen or used a Camp Chef stove. They are market leaders in manufacturing quality, practicality, and camping stove design. The Camp Chef Yukon 60 2-Burner is no exception, it is marketed as an affordable stove, with additional accessories available as needed.

With a cooking space of 448 sq in. keeping a steady flow of food coming to a hungry crowd is made easy with the Yukon 60 stand alone camping stove. Camp Chef Yukon 60 2 Burner StovThe cast aluminium burners are 30,000 BTU high performing units, a windscreen and fully adjustable heat-control knobs round off the whole experience. Let’s take a closer look at the specs and design features.

Setup and Design Features

While some people may note the screw-on legs as a negative, the plus side is that the Yukon will sit on a bench or table just fine without the legs attached. Take a look at the Camp Chef Everest if you are looking for a more compact table top stove.  This comes in handy if you know the area you are going to set up in has a ready to use picnic table or bench.

If you need additional warranty information from the manufacturer take a look here or this article for additional camping resource links.

Apart from the legs, the only other assembly parts are the 5” high windscreen and the 3ft hose that comes with the stove. These clip into place with no fuss, so in a couple of minutes you can be set up and ready to cook.

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Pushing out 30,000 BTU per burner we don’t need to tell you that the Yukon will bring water to the boil quickly. The real value comes with the sensitive flame control that the Yukon offers. This stand alone camping stove holds its own against other models when it comes to holding a small flame, simmering, and controlling the temperature.

Camp Chef Deluxe Barbecue BoxThe Camp Chef Yukon is basically a less expensive version of the Camp Chef Pro 60, so if you are familiar with the Pro 60 you will notice some similarities. The differences that allow the Yukon to retail at a much lower price are:

  • Individual screw in legs come with the Yukon opposed to fold away legs.
  • The Yukon stands at a lower height than the Pro 60.
  • Hide away shelves that come with the Pro 60 are additional extras with the Yukon.
  • There is no auto-ignite button on the Yukon.

Dimensions – The Camp Chef Yukon 60 2-Burner Stove is 34.5” H x 9” W x 15.5” L, and has a cooking area of 14” x 32”. This makes the Yukon more compact than other models like the The Camp Chef Expedition 3×3-Burner, but still provides enough cooking space to cater for a handful of people.  Prices range from $145 to $220.

The Pros

  • Total output of 60,000 BTU from two cast aluminum burners
  • 5” high three-sided windscreen for flame protection
  • Fully adjustable heat-control knobs
  • Regulator and 3ft hose included
  • Unpacked and ready to use in minutes

The Cons

  • Not as stable as other models with folding legs
  • No side tables included, can be purchased as an add-on
  • No auto-ignition

Insider Tips

There is no auto-ignite button on the Camp Chef Yukon 60, so you will need to purchase a butane lighter and keep it close to hand at all times. There is a small hole near the flame control knob designed for use with a long nose lighter.

If you do not have a butane lighter you can use matches, but due to the design of the Yukon having the burners so far under the grill matches are not ideal. You will have to drop the match and hope it lights, you cannot risk putting your hand too far in.

The Barbecue box is a nice add you can purchase separately as well as the folding side shelves if you need a little extra room for your stuff.  This video link from Camp Chef shows you how to use your Barbecue box to cook a steak perfectly.

Camp Chef Yukon 60 Stove Summary

For stand alone camping stoves in this price range the Camp Chef Yukon 60 offers excellent value for money. The cooking experience is as good as more expensive models such as the Camp Chef Pro 90, so if performance is your primary concern you should absolutely take a closer look at the Yukon and check the latest prices here.


If you are in the market for a powerful two-burner stand alone camping stove from a trusted brand, the Camp Chef Yukon 60 2-Burner Stove is among the best. With a wide range of Camp Chef accessories available to use with this stove, there are plenty of options to help make it the experience you want.

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