Camp Cooking Gear List

If you are like me you never start the serious preparation for a trip until you have a solid list in hand.  I have created this camp cooking gear list to make sure you don’t miss any of those key items  for your next trip.  I have lumped this gear list into 3 main categories:

Camp Cooking Gear Categories

  • Large Camping Gear
  • Medium Sized Gear and Cooking Utensils
  • Organization and Cleaning Gear

For a long time I used paper to start my list, but now have moved over to the phone applications now that there are a few nice apps on the market.  I currently use the Camp and Hike Checklist App, but there are plenty out there to choose from. Texsport Black Ice Cook Set

The key is to find one that has the flexibility to update on the go.  The App I use allows for easy creation of a custom built list for every category you can think of.

Whether you use paper or an app, it is very helpful to check off all of the key items to make sure you don’t get out on your trip without a key piece of equipment.

Some of the items in these lists would probably fit into the Glamping category.  Click here to find out about Glamping and why you might want to know.

I keep most of my camp cooking gear in one box so I know it’s all there, but what about the larger gear that tends to spread out in your garage or storage area? Propane canisters, water jugs, and the like should all be accounted for within your master camp cooking gear list. I am going to put together the ultimate camp cooking list so the next time you are packing for a trip you will be sure you have all of your items covered.

I have also included product links on some of the items that are really the best of the best.  These are items that I have used over the years that really exceed expectations.  Note:  I received a commission at no extra charge if you click and purchase an item through these links.

Large Camping Gear

Let’s start with the big stuff first and work our way down. The type of camp stove you choose will depend on the type of camping you will be doing. There are a number of different factors that go into making the right choice so it is important to do your research.  Take a look at How to Choose a Camping Stove to help guide your decision making process.   After you have the stove lined out you can move onto the other large items. Camp Chef Outdoor OvenTake a look at Table 1 below to get a feel for the key large items you will want to bring along.

Another important key piece of gear that I would like to touch on briefly is coolers listed below.   In general there are some tactics you can use while camping that will increase you longevity of ice. The first is to just keep the cooler out of the direct sunlight. Keep it down by the river in the shade if you are by a river. You should also use block ice if you are in need of ice for warm weather extended trips.

Another cheap alternative to purchasing a new extreme cooler is to use the reflective heat shield material (like you see on the front of a car windshield) to cover the inside of the cooler. In a pinch, putting newspaper on top will also help.


Table 1. Large Camp Cooking Gear

Camping StoveCamp Chef EverestEverest Deals and Reviews
Fuel TankPropane Tank
Fuel Hose6' Propane Hose
CoolerRubbermaid 150 Quart
Camp TableCamp Time Rolla TableRolla Table Deals and Reviews
Grill/BarbecueWeber Portable GrillClick for Deals and Reviews
Food BoxAction Packer 1172
Camp Stove Toaster
Coughlin's Camp Toaster
Camping KettleColeman 12-cub stainless steel percolator
Dutch Oven
Camp Chef Mule Deer
Camp OvenCamp Chef oven w/ 2 burner stove
Dining Cover/TarpNRS perawing
GriddleCoghlan's Non-Stick Two Burner Griddle
Water JugReliance Aqua-Tainer Water Container - 6.5 Gallon Capacity


We wanted to also make note of getting a large box for food with a locking lid. This is very helpful to keep unwanted guests out of your food. I know I have had to learn this lesson the hard way by waking up in the morning and seeing our unlocked food box ransacked by friendly animals. Although it’s nice to see how close we are to nature in these situations, it makes for a more challenging trip when all of your sandwich bread is gone in one night. An action packer works well because it’s light and has a nice tight fitting locking lid.

If you are in more remote areas where you might have some larger animals such as bears nearby, you might want to get something a little more solid. There are a number of bear resistance containers out there that will work well. We have been on some river trips where there were electric fences provided that protected the food gear during the night. Whether bears or racoons it’s always important to be thinking about storage. If you are car camping you probably should just keep the food in the car for the night.  Click here for additional bear related safety information or click here to read about additional camping safety topics.

Medium Cooking Items

The next category of camp cooking gear I will cover is the actual terminal cooking gear or utensils. This is the stuff that really brings out the camp chef in us and are items we sometimes overlook. There are a number of items on the list that some might think are overkill, but I will cover it to make sure it is all here. If you prefer to rough it out there then you can just choose the key items you will need from our master list.  This will at least give you a starting point and as we do on all of our trips, you end up adding or removing items from your list based on how things went overall.


Table 2. Camp kitchen Utensils

Coleman Enamelware Dining Kit
Steak KnivesVictorinox 48792 Cutlery 6-Piece Steak Knife Set
PlatesColeman Enamelware Dining Kit
BowlsColeman Enamelware Dining Kit
Drinking CupsTOAKS Titanium 450ml Cup
Coffee CupStainless Steel Camping Insulated Coffee Mug
Camp PotTexsport Black Ice Scouter Cook Set
Camp PanMSR Flex Skillet
Coffee PotGSI Outdoors Glaicer Stainless Percolator, 12 Cup
Coffee MakerColeman Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe
Can OpenerNorpro Grip-EZ Can Opener
Cork screwTrue Fabrications Wood Professional Corkscrew
Measuring CupOxo International Good Grips Measuring Cup Set
Pot Holder#1 Oven Gloves
TongsProgressive International 9 Inch Silicone Gripper Tongs
SpatulaAmco Nylon Slotted Spatula
Large SpoonOXO Good Grips Spoon
Knife SetKai Pure Komachi 2 6-Piece Knife Set 6 Stainless Steel
GraterMicroplane Professional Extra Coarse Grater
Cutting BoardMSR Alpine Cutting Board
Vegetable PeelerOXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler
Mixing BowlFox Run Stainless Steel 8-Quart Mixing Bowl
Food Bag ClipsCampers Utility Clips with
Roasting ForksCamp Chef Extending Safety Roasting Fork 30"
Knife SharpenerSmith's CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener
Bottle OpenerNITE IZE S Biner Ahhh
LighterCoghlans Piezoelectric Camp Stove Lighter
MatchesStrike Anywhere Matches


The coffee pot is always an important item on my list and there are a number of different types of coffee makers out there. There is the percolator which provides a nice dark brew depending on how long you let it cook. There is the coffee press which makes a quicker cup of coffee and is easier cleaning up. There are propane powered drip coffee makers such as coleman models which will be similar to that home brew.

There are coffee drip cups that produce a nice cup of coffee as well. There is good old cowboy coffee which is when you forgot your coffee making utensils and are forced to just throw the grounds right in the water and boil it up. Hopefully this won’t happen after reading this articleColeman Packaway Deluxe Camp KitchenNo matter what type of coffee you like, whether dark or light, there is a coffee brewing device out there that will fit your needs while camping.

Camp Cooking Orginization

The final list I will cover for camp cooking gear is the organization/cleanup gear list. See table 3 below for a list of the items that will keep your camp clean and organized as you go through your trip. These items might be as simple as zip lock bags to keep your frozen meat juices from spilling in the cooler. Or it might be a piece of super gear like the kelty base camp kitchen that has shelves and storage slots more similar to what you have at home.  I will cover the big and little items in Table 3 to make sure cleaning up the camp kitchen is as easy and fun as setting it up.


Table 3. Organization and Cleaning Gear

Camp KitchenKelty Basecamp Kitchen
Camp BucketSeattle Sports Jumbo Camp Sink
Food Storage ContainerRubbermaid ActionPacker Storage Box
Aluminum Foil-HeaveyGeneral
Paper TowelsGeneral
Trash BagsGeneral
Scrub padGeneral
Dish TowelSea to Summit DryLite Towel
Dish Soap
Campsuds Biodegradable Cleaner
Cooking OilGeneral
Seasoning KitGeneral
Camp SinkColeman 2000006895 Portable Sink


The big question with any of this gear is whether you have enough room and money to add it to your list this year.  Much of this camp cooking gear isn’t required but can add some great value to your camping trip if it fits a need.  I think organization is important for a successful trip because it helps to minimize the time spent looking for things when we can be fishing, hiking, or just hanging out in the camp chair.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this gear and I will be sure to check back with you.

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