Camp Time Roll A Table Review

The Camp Time Roll A Table is a great product that I have used for years on my camping trips.  I have seen and used all types of quick and easy foldable tables over the years.roll a table

Most fall short in one way or another. They are either too weak when assembled, too many moving parts to put together, take up too much space when in storage, or just aren’t easy to carry.

This is why the Camp Time Roll a Table caught my eye originally. It’s sturdy when assembled, quick and easy to put together, doesn’t take up much space to store, and is easy to carry. This is largely because the tabletop is made from wooden slats wrapped in heavy duty fabric.

Meaning that as the name suggests, the tabletop just simply rolls out. So if you’re reading this thinking you have just found a solution to a problem of not having enough table space when camping, read on.

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Setup and design features

The selling point here is how compact this table folds up. It actually wraps up to 4% the size when in its storage bag. This is achieved by the 11 wooden slats then enable the tabletop to roll up. Not the first table to carry this design, but Camp Time manufacture high quality products and pull it off well.

Another design feature that separates this Roll-a-Table from a lot of other tables on the market is the lack of x-braces. Typically camp tables have an x-brace to add extra stability. But they get in the way of leg room under the table, not as issue with the Roll-a-Table and it’s still very stable.

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The telescopic legs have a decent range of adjustment. You can set the table up on uneven ground by shortening or lengthening the legs, or just change the height to suit your sitting position.

I’ve used the roll-a-table on many rivers trips as my only cooking table and it has worked great holding stoves like the Stansport 2 burner or the Everest 2 burner.

So with the Roll-a-Table you’re getting a sturdy, compact, easy to use table that comes in handy while camping. The 100 lbs weight limit is more than enough to hold food and drinks. It’s large enough for four adults to sit around, and makes meal times a lot easier and organized.

Supporters of US companies will be happy to hear the product is manufactured here in the US. With all of the materials being sourced across the US too. Feedback from owners is that the finish is high quality, problems with the table are few and far between.

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Dimensions – 32″ x 32″ x 28″ (when open), 32″ x 5.5″ diameter (when rolled up) weighing 10 lbs. With a weight capacity of 100 lbs.


  • Vinyl table top is very durable.
  • Folds down to a convenient and easy to carry size.
  • Legs are made from strong aluminum.
  • Comes with storage carry case.


  • Weight limit of 100 lbs.
  • It’s a bit of a squeeze with four adults seated.

Insider Tips

The telescoping legs are great for finding a level position for the table. But the higher you position the table the more flexible the legs become. It’s simple physics, but worth keeping in mind.

I recommend the higher you position the table the more care you take with how much weight you load on. It’s better to be safe than sorry when you’ve spent a lot of time cooking.

Roll a Table Summary

In summary, this table ticks most the boxes when it comes to what people look for from a camping table. The great thing about handy items like this is that you can use them in the garden, lend it to friends, or use it anywhere else you can think of.

It props up in an instant and is ready to use. The design and build is spot on, and it’s a reliable product. I can’t find a fault with it.


Because the Camp Time Roll a Table packs up so small and light, anyone camping on a regular basis should consider buying one. Adding an extra table to your camping area can only be a help.

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