Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Stove Review

The Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Stove looks like a small, single burner stove should. Its compact, has the tank on the bottom and powerful stainless steel burner on top. It’s a durable, portable, reliable stove. Three things that are very important to any stove that’s going to be in my backpack.

Like all Coleman products, is has been built to last. It’s not the lightest of single burners coming in around 2lbs, but that’s testament to the build quality. coleman sportsterIt’s priced very reasonably, so you’re getting good value for money.

This stove covers you for safety, backpacking when needed or if you just need a great backup stove in your camping gear.  The technology is very similar to one of our highest rated 2 burner stoves – Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove.  Let’s take closer look at the particulars of the Sportster.

Setup and Design Features

The sportster uses a range of Coleman’s trademarked technology like most of their stoves. It has their Dual Fuel design, so it conveniently burns Coleman’s own liquid fuel (white gas), or unleaded gasoline.

One gallon of Coleman fuel lasts as long as around four and a half standard cylinders of propane, so there’s not just value there but added convenience.

It also has the Band-a-Blu burner, a tried and tested burner used across most of the modern stoves. It’s been proven to give good reliable cooking power, along with operating during all weather conditions.

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The burner has an output of 10,000 BTUs, which as proven with many other stoves in the range is more than enough for a single burner. You can get around 2 hours of continual use on high flame with a full tank, which is a decent amount of time for such a small stove.

It has built in wide baffles, to protect the flame from wind. Also, when you’re done it’s designed to be easy to clean, and with it’s minimal parts you can have it packed up in no time at all. Wrap this all up with a 5 year limited warranty and you have peace of mind that the Sportster is going to be travelling with you for quite some time.

You can boil a quart of water in just under the 4 minute mark, and the surface is recommended to hold 6” pans.

The dimensions are – 7.38” x 7.8” 6.55”, and it weighs 2lbs.

Comparison Information

If you look at the Coleman Sportster alongside other single burner stoves in it’s class, it comes in with a slightly higher price tag than say the Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove, but it’s a notch up in quality.

What I like about this stove it the solid, self-contained build. There is no setting up required, you just pull it out, place it down, pump the integrated pump and start cooking. It’s a great stove for people who just want a no-fuss cooking experience, beginners, or even as a backup.

The Pros

  • Quick boil time for a small stove
  • Has dual fuel facility
  • No set up required, quick to use and pack back up
  • Built in wide screens and pot supports
  • Convenient single burner backpacking stove

The Cons

  •  More expensive than some other models, albeit still good value for money
  • Limited support for larger pots and pans

Insider Tips

The Sportster has a good solid centre of gravity, so you can use it on some rough ground if you’re careful. This stove makes a great backup, or even an added help if you’re camping with larger groups. For the small amount of space it takes up, certainly worth taking with you at all times.

Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Stove Summary

Another solid stove brought to us by Coleman. They really do have a great range of stoves, from barbeques, to oven and grill combos, to single burner and backpacking stoves. You can be sure you’re getting a reliable, good quality stove every time.

The Sportster II is a no frills, rough and ready stove. But that’s the beauty of it. I can’t see how anyone would regret buying one, it does everything as advertised, and does it very well.


Definaley a stove that’s worth every penny. The dual fuel is an added convenience, on a stove that is already as convenient as it gets. If you currently use a stove that has a few fiddly bits and pieces to put together each time you use it, swap to the Sportster. You’ll never swap back to stove that requires some setting up rituals.

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