Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil Zip personal cooking system is a great little compact stove. It’s a canister-based, lightweight stove, so it’s perfect for backpacking. If you have an older model small canister stove, you’re going to be impressed with this model.

It has a good flame range from simmering to boiling, and you can cook some decent meals if you’re a creative outdoors chef. It’s made from high-quality materials too, so it’s going to be your camping companion for some time.

Setup and Design Features

There’s nothing difficult about setting up the Zip so don’t worry if this is going to be your first stove. It’s similar to other Jetboil models, like the MiniMo and the Sol Titanium. Jetboil make a range of compact stoves, it’s what they do best and they are always designed to be user-friendly.Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System

The stove comes with three orange legs. These attach to the bottom of the canister and provide a wide base so the stove is stable while in use. The head of the stove fixes on secure, and then you just slide the pot onto the top. Fire up the burner and you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds.

One of the main selling points of all the Jetboil stoves is their flame protection. The flame is covered by the pot, with enough airflow to function. No need for fiddly windshields with this model. The Zip has a cozy, insulated cup with a rubber lid and pour spout. You can store a 100g fuel canister inside and it all tucks up to be a small and compact little item.

You have a choice of colors too if you’re picky about having your camping gear match – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Obviously you’re choosing a stove like this to save on space. You’re not going to cook like you would on an open stove, but liquids, soups and some packaged foods can be heated up quickly.

Comparison Information

It’s easiest to compare the Zip to some of the other Jetboil models. As mentioned previously it’s similar to the MiniMo and Sol Titanium. The MiniMo as it sounds is a mini version of a very similar unit, the pot is more compact. If you’re a minimalist camper it may be more your style.

If you’re a fan of bigger brands like MSR, the Reactor is a comparable model. It’s a little more expensive, but is definitely a more durable model. The zip is only 12oz though, and with 0.8 Liter capacity it’s a great little stove.

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The Zip has a match ignition, which isn’t to everyone’s taste but at least you know it won’t fail on you. Side-by-side with other models the most important thing is that it offers good value for money. It’s not an expensive stove, and with all these features and a good durability it’s an easy choice for most.

Dimensions – 6.5” x 4” x 4”, weighs 12 oz.


  • Great at simmering and quick to boil
  • Easy and quick to set up and very stable
  • Good flame cover, no need for a windshield
  • Measuring markers and strainer included


  • No auto-ignition may put some people offJetboil Zip Personal Cooking System blue

Insider Tips

The Zip comes with a strainer and measurements on the side of the pot. This makes it easy to measure your ingredients and strain if needed. So think about the meals you can cook and make the most of these features. Being so compact I’m sure you can fit a few more ingredients in your backpack and make mealtime a little more interesting.

Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System Summary

Jetboil have a great reputation for making durable and affordable camping equipment. If you take a closer look at this stove and like the look of it, why not add one as a backup or to be used when you don’t need to set up a bigger stove?


The Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System is always in the discussing for the best backpacking stoves. There are a lot of models to choose from on the market, but it doesn’t need to be confusing. The Zip does everything you need from a lightweight, compact stove, so check it out via the link below and let me know if you have any questions.

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