King Kooker CS14 Outdoor Camping Stove Review

King Kooker might not be the first name off the tip of the tongue when it comes to outdoor stoves. However, they have been manufacturing quality stoves for over 21 years.

King Kooker CS14 Outdoor Camping Stove deserved the attention to be reviewed because it’s a great single burner stove. king kookerIt has a large, powerful single burner, producing 54,000 BTU’s from a durable cast burner.

Sometimes a no-fuss, powerful single burner is required, I’m sure plenty of you reading this will agree. Cooking large pans of soups, stews, or boiling large batches of water makes it easy to cater to large parties with minimal effort.

This King Kooker stove is built to last, like all of their products. It may not look the most aesthetically pleasing, but it ticks every other box as you will discover throughout this article.

Setup and Design Features

Setting up the CS14 is quick and easy. The standard that US outdoors folk have come to expect, right? You have the adjustable legs to attach, connect the hose and canister and you’re about ready to fire it up.

It stands up to 28” tall, which is more than adequate. The legs adjust enough to help you find a good setting on uneven ground, and each piece is made from heavy duty iron. The removable windshield is easy to attach and protects the flame well.

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When it comes to cooking, you have a 54,000 BTU cast burner, easily capable of handling large cooking tasks. It comes with a UL listed liquid propane hose and regulator with a type 1 connection, a deep fry thermometer, and an instruction book.

The hose is easy to attach and secure. There is a large red knob on the hose to control the flame, its sensitive enough to control the flame to suit your cooking.

The dimensions are – 17” x 17” and 28” tall, with a 14” x 14” cooking area and weighs around 19 lbs.

Comparison Information

The Camp Chef Maximum Output Single cooker stove is a similar stove. Looking at the two side by side, the Camp Chef does carry a slightly higher price tag, but also an extra 6,000 BTU’s. Personally I think the 54,000 BTU offered by the King Kooker CS14 is more than adequate.

The CS14 is also slightly larger, which seeing as you are buying a large single burner to cater for large cooks, this is a bonus too. All things considered, you’re getting good value for money with this stove.  Prices range from $70 to $90.

The Pros

  • Durable iron construction
  • Large cooking area of 14” x 14”
  • Adjustable legs finds a good footing on uneven ground
  • Great value for money at a low price point
  • Large powerful stove, great for groups of people

The Cons

  • The metal around the cooking area gets very hot
  • Has no auto-ignite button

Insider Tips

Long matches or ignition sticks work better than normal matches. The burner is large, and keeping your distance while lighting is recommended.

It may sound like common sense, but the metal surrounds near the flame do get very hot. Some users have mentioned this has caught them off guard, so be aware of this and don’t burn yourself!

King Kooker Camping Stove Summary

Obviously being a big stove it’s not light, in fact it’s around 19 lbs. But if you’re buying a large single stove burner, you have the means to transport it.

This is one of the best single burners on the market, and there is a lot of user feedback to support this. Another selling point is that you can set this up at home too.


It’s always nice to know you’re getting good value for money, and at this price point you are. It’s an easy to use stove too, beginners can use the King Kooker CS14 just fine. Single burners make a nice alternative to double burners if one burner suits your cooking needs, definitely worth taking a closer look.

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