Kovea Spider Stove Review

The Kovea Spider stove in an interesting little backpacking stove. Kovea isn’t a brand that springs to mind for most when thinking about backpacking stoves, but it holds it’s own against some of the top brands and comes in at an affordable price.Kovea Spider backpacking stove

It’s a small, efficient, and affordable backpacking stove. Marketed towards people who like to travel extremely light, as well as setting up and cooking with minimal fuss. So if you’re in the market for a new backpacking stove, or a reliable backup, the Spider might just fill that gap. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications.

Setup and Design Features

You will notice as soon as you take the Spider out of the box that it’s quick and simple to setup and use. It’s has a remote-canister design too, meaning the canister is attached via a fuel hose. I like the remote design because it means you can sit the canister away from the flame.

The Spider has a very low center of gravity and long legs, so it feels very secure when holding large pots. The three legged base has a wide span to distribute the weight for extra stability, hence the name ‘Spider’ as they look like spider legs.

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This model has a swivel connection on the valve to you can invert the fuel supply. In cold conditions this makes lighting the flame easier and burning fuel more efficient. I see this as a must have on modern backpacking stoves, even if you never use it in cold conditions.

Dimensions – 1.8” x 3.7” x 4.2” and weighs .37 lbs

Comparison Information

The obvious comparisons to make are against the MSR Whisperlite family of backpacking stoves. The Whisperlite International is more flexible with the amount of fuel options you can use. The original Whisperlite is now a little dated when comparing to the newer stoves, and is a little too big in comparison. While the Universal is the best of the bunch, but carries a large price tag to reflect it.

I think the spider falls somewhere in the middle of the bunch. It boils a liter of water in just over 5 minutes. This is slower than the more powerful Whisperlite. But as a less expensive, smaller and lighter stove, all things considered I think it’s a respectable performer.

If you want to boil water at the two and half minute mark and have a larger budget, check out the Whisperlite International. But I think the efficiency and simplicity of the Kovea Spider makes it a more attractive option for people who want to travel light and cook for 1-2 people.


  • Low price point and great value for moneyKovea Spider stove adjustment valve
  • Low center of gravity and great at holding large pots
  • Remote canister with inverted options for efficiency in cold weather


  • There are more powerful models on the market

Insider Tips

In cold weather you can manipulate the canister to increase performance. Just insulate the canister and the propane/butane mix will burn more efficiently.

Also, you can invert the canister by turning the swivel connection on the valve. This forms a direct liquid feed to the stove meaning you do not need to rely on the pressure of the canister.

Kovea Spider Stove Summary

The Kovea Spider is a bit of a sleeper in my opinion. It stacks up very well against some of the more well known stoves, and comes in at around $50. At that price it’s worth a place in collection, even if it’s just as a backup.

The steel legs and wide base make holding large pots a breeze. It’s really versatile for a small backpacking stove, and will not let you down.


A great all round performer and reasonably priced. What more can I say, if you have never used a Kovea stove, the Kovea Spider is going to make you a fan. Please click the link below to browse user feedback and check the latest offers.

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