Blackout Kit: How to Build One and Be Prepared

Blackout Kit How to Build One and Be Prepared

Are you adequately prepared if you have blackout emergency tonight?

Probably not, that’s why you’re here to learn about blackout kits, how to make them, and what should be in a blackout kit, right?

You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ve covered everything you need to know about preparing a blackout kit (on a budget) that will be your saviour should the time of need arise.

What Is a Blackout Kit?

Blackout kits are as the name suggests, kits that contain all the essential items you would need in the event of a blackout.

They range from a minimal amount of items that may not be sufficient for most. To huge kits containing everything you would need to survive weeks during a blackout.

Personally, I think a blackout kit should just have all the essential items to carry you through an emergency and either fix what’s causing the blackout or get you and your family out the house safely.

What Should Be in a Blackout Kit?

Any and every item you need close to hand in the case of a blackout to fix your power outage, contact help, and take care of everyone in the home.

With that in mind, here is my list of essential items to start with when putting together a blackout kit:

Torch / Light Source – It wouldn’t be called a blackout unless you find yourself in pitch black darkness. So a torch is an obvious inclusion, and probably the first item you’re going to look for.

Spare Batteries – Include spare batteries for all the electrical items in your kit. You never know when they’ll run flat, and a torch is worthless with no power.

Candles – If batteries are your safeguard against running out of juice in your torch, candles are the safeguard against running the batteries dry, breaking, or having a faulty lamp.

Matches / Lighter – You need a flame to light the candles. Flames also prove useful for a number of other things like lighting a stove, starting a fire, and so on. Valuable items in any blackout kit.

Multi-tool – Multi-tools are one of the essential camping items. Turns out it comes in very handy in a blackout kit too. They are the best way to get so many useful tools in a compact space.

Knife – There are various reasons to have a good knife. Keep it safely stored in a sheath, you don’t want to nip your fingers in the dark, or worse.

First Aid Kit – Accidents happen, even more so in times of emergency so you need to have a good first aid kit, and know exactly where you’ll find it.

Emergency Contact List – I have a book with all the emergency contact numbers I’d need in an emergency. Electricians, authorities, friends and family, etc.

Tool Kit – This should include some screwdrivers and pliers at the very least. If the outage is due to your circuit breaker failing you can be back up and running with some basic repairs if you have the right tools.

In Summary

You don’t have to be a ‘Prepper’ to have a blackout kit. It’s for anyone who wants that extra peace of mind that in the event of a blackout there is no need to panic.

I’ve covered the basics in this article. Feel free to add more items depending on what’s important to you, or what you’ll need for your own personal circumstances.



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