Alcohol Stoves

Vargo Triad Titanium Alcohol Stove Review

For those of you who like ultralight and compact backpacking stoves, the Vargo Triad Alcohol Stove will do the trick.   Alcohol stoves are typically extremely lightweight, durable, quick and easy to use, and make for a perfect backpacking stove. The
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Ultralight cooking – where backpacking meets running

Runners are the biggest experts at trimming grams and using the latest gear available, especially when it comes to runs and races that involve more than one day. In the UK there is this odd concept of overnight mountain races –
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Trangia Spirit Burner Review

The alcohol burning stoves are a great counter to some of the heavier backpacking stoves that are on the market now. Because of the weight savings and durability, the Trangia Spirit Burner Stove works well for most backpacking trips.
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