Trangia Spirit Burner Review

The alcohol burning stoves are a great counter to some of the heavier backpacking stoves that are on the market now. Because of the weight savings and durability, the Trangia Spirit Burner Stove works well for most backpacking trips.

Setup and Design Features

The Trangia design is very efficient and only requires filling the reservoir with alcohol and lighting a match to get the stove cooking. This easy to use feature puts it above some of the other models available.  This stove has a really nice seal so you can leave the alcohol in the stove while traveling. Trangia Spirit Burner Stove This allows you to save a little more because you won’t have to dump out the fuel after each use.  Here is a link to a video that demonstrates how to setup the stove and cook meals.

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The dimensions are 2.85” x 1.75” and it weighs 4 oz. The stove does not come with a pot stand or windscreen. You can purchase each of these extra items for around $10 per item. The other option is to purchase a wood burning stove like the Vargo Hexagon Stove to use as your pot stand and windscreen. This also gives you the benefit of having a backup stove along with you.

The Trangia burns a number of different types of alcohol. Some of the most popular include ethanol, denatured alcohol, methanol, and isopropanol among other types on the market. Always check the MSDS to make sure there are not any additional toxic chemicals mixed into the blend you have chosen. Benzine is a common toxic chemical that can be found in some alcohol blends.  Take a look at this link to Trangia’s main website for additional information on models.

Comparison Information

Alcohol stoves like the Trangia Spirit Burner are not as efficient as some of the other backpacking stoves out there. It will take a little bit of extra time to boil your water but you should still be able to get 1 liter of water boiled in under 10 minutes.   There are a number of wood burning and alcohol stoves that will boil water between 8 and 10 minutes.  This is compared to some of the traditional backpacking canister and white gas stoves that boil a liter in under 3 minutes in some situations.  Clickstand T-2 Pot Stand

The Trangia has a few benefits over some of the other alcohol stoves including a simmer ring that allows for more intricate simmer ability. It’s not considered a fast burner but that is a good thing because you will conserve a little additional fuel. The Trangia has been around a long time and has proven itself as a reliable alcohol stove for many different environments.

There is very little maintenance required with this stove because it is constructed out of brass. The biggest downsides are that it’s a little heavier and does not come with a pot stand or windscreen. The positives far outweigh all of the negatives and include durability, dependability, quick set-up and ease of use. The total cost for the stove is between $10 and $15 but you will have to buy a pot stand, windscreen and fuel bottle separately. You could easily spend $30 or $40 for the entire unit.

The Pros

  • Controllable flame allows for simmering
  • Super durable brass construction
  • Easy setup and minimal prep time
  • Proven Reliability

The Cons

  • Does not come with a pot stand or windscreen
  • Slow cook compared to other models
  • Heavier than aluminum models

Insider Tips

If you are heading into windy conditions you will want to find a good windscreen since one is not supplied with the stove. Try the Liberty Westwind Stove Set or the Vargo Hexagon Stove. The Clikstand S-2 Pot Stand also works well. These items will all serve as a windscreen and pot stand. If going on a multi-day trip you will want to bring along extra fuel since alcohol is not quite as efficient and will burn a little faster than other fuel sources.

If you have other questions about choosing the best stove take a look at this link.  If you still have questions after this point sent me an email here and I will make sure to get back to you.

Trangia Spirit Burner Summary

There is no question that the Trangia Spirit Burner Alcohol Stove is one of the best on the market. It has proven itself for generations and has persisted because of its simple, durable and effective design. Although it’s not the fastest burner it makes up for it with all of the other features I have listed in this review.

The overall benefits from alcohol stoves in general including how simple, clean and quiet most of them run is a big bonus for people. You won’t have to worry about that jet engine sound of some of the typical liquid backpacking stoves.


There is a good potential that this stove will meet most of your needs. Give the Trangia Spirit Burner Stove a shot and see if this quiet, simple and effective alcohol burner satisfies your needs.  Send me an email and let me know what you think about the Spirit Burner.

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