Camelbak Antidote Review

The Camelbak Antidote 70 oz Reservoir is a simple, easy to use bladder. The bladder has a large cap, making it easy to fill, it’s made from heavy-duty rubber, and of course carrying the Camelback name you know it’s top quality.

Keeping hydrated while hiking or doing outdoors activities is vital. Bottles are great, but they are not the easiest to use, especially if you’re doing something active or don’t want to stop. So if you have made the decision to get a hydration bladder you need a new one, you may not need to look much further. Here are the specs of the Camelbak Antidote in more detail:Camelbak Antidote Review

Setup and Design Features

The key areas to look at with any bladder is how easy it is to fill, use, and clean. These are the three main functions you’re going to be going through over and over. Looking at the Camelbak, here’s how it performs in these areas:

Filling – the filling cap couldn’t be much bigger. It has two large grooves that fit in between your thumb and finger and just simply twist it off. Place the bladder under a tap or pour whatever you’ll be drinking in. If you spill any while filling, it’s your aim that needs more work not the fault of the bladder!

Use – The Camelbak Antidote has a bite-value that requires just a little bit of pressure to open up and let the water flow. It’s not a pressurized system, but it doesn’t need to be. The bite-value does enough to let the water flow as fast as you need. You also save a little on space and weight by not having a pressurized system, so it’s worth the trade-off.

Cleaning – The wide mouth makes it very easy to get a scrubbing brush inside to give the bladder a thorough clean. The other plus to a wide opening is that the bladder dries out easier too.

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Comparison Information

Looking at the Camelbak next to another of the top rated bladders, the Crystal Creek 3L Hydration Bladder, there are a lot of similarities. I can’t find any evidence that you can put the Camelback through the dishwasher, unlike the Crystal Creek bladder. Plus, the stitching doesn’t look as robust as on the Crystal Creek model. But it’s still an excellent bladder and well worth a closer look.


  • Large opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Available in 70 and 100 oz (3L) sizes
  • Made with durable materials


  • Some people prefer a pressurized system

Insider TipsCamelbak Antidote Un Screwing

It’s very easy to misalign the cap and cross-thread when tightening it up. This isn’t really a design fault, but it’s happened to a lot of people and is worth being aware of. Place the cap on with the triangle marker facing 9 o’clock. Slowly twist the cap on while applying a little pressure until the triangle is facing 12 o’clock. Give it a little squeeze to check for leaks and you’re good to go.

Camelbak Antidote Summary

There are a lot of bladders on the market and the competition is really heating up. Camelbak have the advantage of being a brand people in the camping world know and trust, and this bladder represents them pretty well. It’s reliable, well-designed, made from quality materials, and does exactly as advertised.


Hydration bladders are an important part of your backpacking and camping kit. More so, having a quality bladder that will not let you down is important. The Camelbak Antidote fits the bill, check it out if you’re after a new bladder.

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