List of Fishing Tackle Box Essentials

Fishing Tackle Box Essentials

So, you or someone you know has decided to take up fishing and need to know all the fishing tackle box essentials for a successful fishing trip but aren’t sure what you need.

This is something I can help with. While there are dozens of fishing-related bits and pieces that could be included, I can outline the essentials to get you started and there really aren’t that many bits.

You’ll build up a collection over the years, mostly of bits you don’t need. If you’ve looked over at an experienced fisherman’s tackle box you’ll see what I mean.

But starting with the essentials and a tackle box that isn’t cluttered is a great feeling. Here are my top items in include:

Fishing Tackle Box Essentials

Extra Line

This is first on everyone’s list of fishing tackle box essentials. The more it’s drummed in the better though because that one time you have a line break and there isn’t any spare you’re not going to forget it.

At the least, I recommend carrying several spools with varied weights so you have some options in the need for extra line. It’s common for tackle boxes to build up with plenty of spare line over the years.

Range of Spare Hooks

spare fishing hooks

Another item that builds up over time to the point where most of you reading this will be more likely to need a clean out than to add more are hooks.

But you can’t fish without hooks, and the more you have to choose from the better. Make sure you have some single, double, and treble points, along with some of the hooks you need for your preferred fishing.


I always like to have a good mix of live and artificial bait. While you have to manage your live bait, there is no real downside to keeping some lures in your tackle box in case you or someone with you needs some.

Pick up a good mix of spoons, jigs, plastic worms, spinners, and any other lures specific to the type of fish you fish for.


Swivels allow your line to untwist without tangling when you’re retrieving the line. If you’ve ever wrestled with a tangled line I don’t need to explain the value of this little item!

It’s another item that’s small and lightweight, and there is a need for spares in case of emergencies. It’s worth investing in some quality swivels too, will save you a headache at some point.


Fishing sinkers or knoch’s are the weights used alongside a lure to increase the speed and depth the hook sinks to.

They range from around 1 gram and can be as heavy as a few lbs. As you fish more you will get a better understanding of the range of sinkers you need with you for different conditions and fish.


Multi tool pocket knife

One of the key items for any outdoors person, a multi-tool with clippers, knife, file, etc should do the trick.

You’ll end up using it for retrieving hooks, cutting line and things like that. I never leave home without one, they are just so useful.


Leaders are lengths of line attached to the end of your fishing line. They act as joining mechanisms between the end and your rigs or lures.

Not everyone uses leaders, but they are great for providing extra protection against sharp-toothed fish, rocks and things like that. Worth trying out and becoming familiar with.

First Aid Kit

Another item that goes hand-in-hand with outdoor activities is a first aid kit. Don’t be that person assuming you’ll never need it, pack a small kit in your tackle box.

If you’ve been fishing for several years and never cut a finger or thumb on a hook this just means it’s overdue!

Bug Repellant

Don’t let bugs and insects ruin your tranquil fishing experience, take a bug spray and don’t be shy about using it.

There you have it, all the items that are a must include in my opinion.

If I’ve missed anything feel free to drop a note below and I’ll add them to the list. I’ve deliberately kept the list to a minimum though, I can think of plenty more but make sure they are essentials.

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