Have you ever struggled to get out camping because of the daily challenges of life and lack of time.  Are you in a new area and unfamiliar with campgrounds and outdoor opportunities?

If you follow the easy and actionable steps in this guide you will be able to easily plan all of the major details for any type of camping trip.

This guide will walk you step by step through a process to get you outdoors and under the stars this weekend.  You can get your copy of the Ebook For $8 at the link below.  My goal is to help you get out camping more often, have less stress getting there and save some money along the way.

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Camping Guide

and if you are interested in seeing a little more details about the chapters in this book take a look here.

Your Feedback Created this Book

I had been listening to friends and people in the community who were struggling to get out camping.  Some of them had not been camping since childhood.  So I asked them if there was something I could create that would be helpful.  The guide you are looking at now is what these people said they wanted.  An actionable guide to get them started and ready to go.

I will Guide you through the Process

My dad was a fishing guide when I was growing up in Oregon.  When school was out in the summer I would go on all of his camping trips. My dad became comfortable enough to leave me on my own for a few days at a time at camp to watch over things.  He would head back into Portland, grab more clients, and meet me back at camp.

I really started learning about what it takes to prepare for camping trips early on.  I haven’t slowed down since then and now am prepping my own children for a similar plan.  I want to pass these experiences on to you and give you some amazing value.

Camping Guide

I have been guiding people through the process that is described in this book for over 20 years.  It’s a process that I have been refining in this time from personal experience and feedback from people who have been on my extended camping trips.

Crazy Camping Value Inside

You might pay a guide $200-$500 or more a day for a guided trip into the outdoors.  The product I am offering here is like an online guided trip through the planning process.

Some of the things you get include a camping location guide, Gear for the trip, a meal plan, camping tips, safety methods, camping activities and plenty more inside.

Your frustrations will be removed

All of your frustrations and anxiety around camping will go out the door after digging into this guide.  The how to and where to questions will all be answered as you work through the guide.  Now is your chance to put all of the questions behind you and get outdoors and under the stars.  Join the community by clicking the link and making the purchase.

100% guarantee

I am excited for you to get started and want to set you at ease with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t like your product for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full money back refund.

Let’s do this together today

I am confident that the information I have put together in this guide is going to be what you need to get outdoors.  Click on the link and let’s get started today.

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