Great Ideas for Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Looking for gift ideas can be both fun, and a little stressful. If you know the person you’re buying for loves the outdoors however, it just got a lot more fun and a lot easier.

There are so many cool items, accessories, gadgets, and practical gifts that will come in handy that you’re spilt for choice.

In this post I’ve summarized some of the best gift ideas for campers and outdoors enthusiasts. From essential first aid kits, to cool gadgets with LED’s and loads of features to keep kids entertained, you’ll find some gifts here for a friend or loved one.

Take a look and see what you think……


Multi-Functional Winter Windproof Face Mask/Hat

When you’re packing items to take camping you want them to be as multi-functional as possible. This means you can get more uses out of your kit, with less space being taken up in your backpack.

This face mask ticks the box for multi-use. You can use it as a full face mask, neck warmer, open face mask, or a hat, just by folding it in a different way, and it’s lightweight too so if it’s too warm just drop it in your backpack.

This means it’s a perfect gift idea for anyone who goes outdoors, men or women. Whether they are cyclists, runners, campers, snowboarders, skiers, if they need to keep warm they need this face mask.

They are made from 100% polyester and machine washable. Just dab and wipe off any small marks, or give a full wash and leave somewhere flat to dry after.


LED Waterproof Military Approved Watch

You can’t head off into the outdoors without a watch. So why not pick up a watch that’s a little special and will do more than just tell the time. Like this LED waterproof military approved piece that has several cool features:

Adjustable Wristband – Nylon and fully adjustable for comfort and to fit anyone of any size.

LED Display – LED’s displays are best for visibility in all weather conditions and love-life batteries.

Waterproof – No need to take the watch off while canoeing or other water activities.

5 Modes – You can toggle through high, low, fast, strobe, and SOS modes to suit your conditions.

The LED is actually a CREE LED 6W 600 Lumens, which has a life of up to one million hours, so I think we can both agree it’s going to last a lifetime.


Waterproof 5000LM Torch LED Headlamp

Headlamps can fast become your best friend in the outdoors. It’s only when you try to go from having a headlamp, to not using one that you realize you can’t live without one. Not only is this headlamp really well-priced, it’s packed with features.

The Ultra-bright 3 LED beams are really bright and have a lifetime of 100k hours. You can read, cook, walk dark trials, do just about anything in the dead of night with this kind of light.

It only weighs around 9oz, and is adjustable for 90 degrees. The strap has a decent length of adjustment too so anyone in the family can use it.

It comes complete with the two rechargeable batteries you need, and you can change the headlamp via a wall charger or USB cable.

This is about as much bang for your buck you can get when it comes to headlamps. If you don’t have one or you’re looking for a gift idea for someone, here it is.


14pcs Emergency First Aid Kit

Of all the things you shouldn’t leave home without, a first aid kit is pretty high up on the list. This kit has 14pcs, so everything you would need in an emergency from bandages, alcohol pad, sterile gauze swab, medical tape, scissors, and all packed up in a handy waterproof travel case.

These kits are perfect around the home, in the glove box of your car, and in your backpack when you’re outdoors. If you’re not picking up the odd cut and scrape outdoors you’re not living dangerously enough!

Seriously, always be safe, these kits are here in the hope you will never need to use them. But if you do need some medical supplies, you can’t go without them.


Paracord Survival Bracelet with Compass

If you haven’t caught onto the paracord bracelet craze – where have you been? These bracelets are made from one of the strongest cords available to campers and has literally dozens of practical uses.

The best types are these bracelets that clip around the wrist so you always have it close to hand and will not lose it. This model has a handy compass included too which I haven’t seen on a bracelet before, nice.

This is a genuine “550” paracord too. Always look for the 550 when buying paracord as this is the military grade that means the cord can take a minimum o f550lbs of pressure before snapping. Don’t put your safety in the hands of cheaper alternatives, it’s not worth it.

If all this wasn’t enough the paracord also has a whistle built-in as an extra safety feature. And, they are available in a wide range of colors, so color match with your other accessories all you want.


Fire Starter Shoe Laces

Now this is a cool gift if you haven’t seen these laces before. These shoelaces are capable of starting a fire, it’s the wilderness/survivalists perfect companion and no one else will even notice until they slip out the Ferro Rods and start sparking a fire.

Having these laces in means no chance of losing your matches or having to carry anything in your pockets to do the same job. Just replace your normal laces with these, which are similar in size, and you have the ability to start a fire at all times.

Each pack contains 4 removable Ferro Rods that can be used multiple times and reinserted into the laces, and some quick access flints. It’s a safe and easy way to start fires and might just be that savor you need one day.

They are available in loads of colors and styles so you will be able to find a pair of laces to make a like-for-like replacement. Great survival gift idea!


Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife

Gerber have one of the best reputations for making quality outdoors knives. They hooked up with the Bear Grylls for this ultimate survival knife that is one of the best survival knives you’ll find, and it comes in a sweet price too.

The molded rubber grip gives you an excellent feel and control over the knife in all weather conditions, and it has a sheath that locks the knife safely in place so you can keep it anywhere on your person without worry of injury.

The blade has a fixed point, fine edge, and a serrated area too. You can literally use this knife for all sorts of things from cutting wood and rope, to making precision cuts. It also comes with a sharpener, fire starter, and a whistle.

If you’re looking for a survival knife, look no further. This blade has it all, and then some.


I hope that gives you some ideas and a place to start if you’re buying a gift for an outdoors enthusiast or a camper. Most of these items are either 50% off or FREE plus shipping, so it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Head on over to the Survival Store to see more.




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