Important Fishing Safety Practices to Remember

Important Fishing Safety Practices to Remember

When planning a fishing trip, ticking off all the safety practices should be near the top of the list, especially if you’re taking kids with you.

As with all outdoor activities, there are hazards and the potential for some nasty surprises that you wouldn’t find around the home. You don’t have to look far to find stories of outdoors trips going bad in a hurry.

I’m not trying to scare you though. It doesn’t take long to cover the basics and ensure you’ll have a fun and safe trip.

So, take a read of the below and brush up on the important principles of safety while fishing. Be a good role model for the rest of your family, and most of all give yourself the best chance of a successful and fun fishing trip.

Important Fishing Safety Practices to Remember

Check your gear before leaving – Even if you fish on a weekly basis gear wears out and stocks will run low. You can’t risk a wheel failing or running out of bait while fishing, can you?

Run through your tackle box to ensure you have enough supplies to last and check all safety gear works properly before leaving home.

Check your personal space before casting – Before casting always check around you to see if someone else is in the way of being caught up in your cast.

Look out for others too, especially kids. Not only is it dangerous if a line or hook gets caught on someone, untangling lines can be a nightmare.

Life jackets for kids – Even if you’re fishing right next to your children from a safe distance on the bank they should always wear a safety life jacket.

It’s mandatory for fishing off a boat, but should be a rule for all fishing as water is near. Doesn’t hurt to set an example and wear one yourself either.

Use the proper tools – Not using the proper tools is a recipe for an accident. Especially when handling fish with sharp teeth.

Use a fish gripper when securing a fish’s mouth, have a multi-tool to cut and handle line, and so on.

Be aware of the weather – Check what the weather is going to be for the whole duration of your trip, and pack accordingly.

Don’t risk it if bad weather is forecast, there will always be another opportunity. Likewise, don’t head out to fish on a good day assuming it’s going to be clear skies all the way.

Pack the safety essentials – Think first aid kit, bug spray, sunscreen, and a multi-tool. On a lesser note plenty of fluids and snacks too but these don’t fall under the essentials on a short trip.

If you’re fishing out on a boat two little tips; don’t leave anything back on shore, and wrap your first aid kit in a waterproof zipper.

Dress appropriately – You will be well aware of what weather to expect if you’ve taken note of the points above, so you should know what to wear.

For example, a hat and sunglasses to avoid sunstroke or glare, or an extra layer if it’s chilly. A spare set of clothes in the backpack might just come in handy too.

Respect other people fishing – There are some basic fishing etiquette rules, and it might be a safety concern if you upset someone!

Don’t encroach on someone else’s spot, don’t make loud noises or do anything to disturb the peace, and always be courteous to others. That’s how I conduct myself, and if we all did we’d have a harmonious environment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I’ve helped someone remember something that’s going to come in handy, or educated you on a little fishing etiquette and safety.

Either way, be safe out there and have fun on your next fishing trip!

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