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The day has finally arrived and I am excited to share with you an essential camping guide that has helped me make the most of my camping experience over the last 20 years.

I have talked to a lot of people who struggle to get out camping. Some struggle with new and growing families. Some people have moved to new areas and don’t know where to go. Others aren’t sure what gear they need or if they are prepared.

If you have kids, you can go camping. If you have a busy schedule, you can go camping. If you are a beginner, you can go camping without too much trouble.  Let me walk you through the process now.
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Chapter List | Problem and Solutions

Below is a quick list of each chapter and a main problem that will be solved by working through the information in this ebook.

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Trip Planner

The Problem: Some people don’t know where to start the process of choosing a new camping spot or a first time camping spot.

I will answer the question of where to go camping in the first chapter. Typically the beginning of any camping trip planning process. I have listed a number of online resources, tips and tools to help clarify the options that are available in your area.  Take a look at this link for an example of some of the information in this chapter.

Camping Checklist

The Problem: How do you know what to take camping. What is essential camping gear and what is a luxury?

I include a detailed list of the essential camping gear you need plus an overall master list for all camping trips. There is a big difference between car camping and backing checklists and I discuss this topic in the guide.

How to choose Gear

The Problem: How do you know what tent, sleeping bag or stove to buy?

I talk about how to choose and test some of the essential camping items in this chapter. I provide an action item to complete for each of the key gear items.

Meal Planning

The Problem: Maybe you don’t know what to bring to eat on your camping trip. Do you make large meals or just use freeze dried meals?  Are bananas ok to bring on a boat?  They are if you aren’t a fisherman (I will tell you about this in the guide).

I will take you through the process of planning the meals for the trip and give you specific recipes and ideas for camping. I include a worksheet that allows you to fill in your list of favorite foods.

Logistics Planning

The Problem: Who do I contact, what permits do I need and who is going on my camping trip are common pre trip questions.

These are a few questions that I cover in chapter 5 on logistics planning (aka master planning). I will remind you which are the important items for the trip and give you a chance to verify that it is covered.  This is an article that touches on some of the activities within the guide.

Camping Activities

The Problem: One concern is not knowing what to do when you get to your campsite.

I have listed some of the top camping activities and some things you can do to prepare for them. Some are pretty simple and are things you might do while at home as well. Hint: One of the items is something you do 50% of the time in your daily routine.

camping guide

Outdoor Safety

The Problem: Many people are concerned that they are not prepared if safety issues arise while camping.

I cover the most common safety concerns to think about while camping and discuss ways to avoid these issues and include resources to help you deal with them if they occur.

Outdoor Tips and Tricks

The Problem: You might be a complete beginner and wondering if there are important tips that you should be aware of. Something that can make your trip a little easier and more comfortable?

I have included some of the most effective camping tips that I have been using over the last 20 years or so.  If you want to get a sneak peak into the tips and tricks section take a look at the information included here.

Final day checklist

The Problem: A question arises commonly about making sure all is clear and ready to go for the last day when leaving town.

Chapter 9 deals specifically with the final day to do list. You can use this checklist to make sure the final last minute details are covered for the trip.

Camping Resources

The Problem: There is so much information on line that I don’t know where to start.

I have put together a quick resource list that includes all of the sites and resources that I use for my camping trips.


The Problem: How do I keep track of all of this information for the trip.

I have included a list of worksheets for each chapter that walk you through the process as you go. You can print these off, takes notes and save them for your trip.

Camping Guide Conclusion

You can do this! Camping does not have to be complicated and you can get started without having all of the most expensive gear.  This resource guide includes the most basic and essential information you will need to get you under the stars this week.

Let this essential camping guide walk you through the planning process so all goes well out there.  I will be here as you move forward and remember to send me an email at any point if you have questions at  [email protected].

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