Thermo Tent: The Beginning of a Journey

I was fortunate enough to run into Derek at over the last month and want to share his product with you.  You can reach derek via email here, on @thermotents on Twitter.  This is a pretty amazing idea and product so I will let Derek take it away.


Hi there. I want to tell you about 2 things in this post…


1. Thermo Tent:  The beginning of a journey.

Maybe it was a Eureka moment, maybe just frustration. But when I woke that night, freezing in my tent for the umpteenth time, I actually sat up and said ‘enough’ to Julie, my wife. ‘This sucks.’ I suspect that she thought I was having a nightmare but I was very much awake. I put her mind at ease and got up to find a sweater. That was late summer 2011, in Snowdonia, and it set the seed for Thermo Tent. Why can’t tents be more comfortable?  Why indeed.

All regular tent users will be familiar with being way too cold, or way too hot in their tents.  And anyone who has ever camped in a large campsite will know how frustrating the noise can be. Well, I was frustrated with this too. I hated the noise of big campsites, especiallywhen I wasn’t invited to the party on a Saturday night. And I remember a mother being moved to tears while pleading with a group of revellers in an Australian campsite to keep the noise down because her kids couldn’t sleep. To be fair they did, eventually. Anyway – the following morning I started sketching a tent that would keep us comfy – and Thermo Tent was born.

Since then we have designed, developed, built and tested the world’s very first correctly insulated tenting system. There were problems – oh so manyproblems! Problems like how to address condensation – we have, by using highly breathable materials. Problems like how to pack this – we have, by using special designed ergonomic bags and a vacuum system. Problems like building a reliable product – and we have, by using only the highest grade parts available in the world today, and by partnering with the world’s best tent manufacturer. I have travelled to so many factories at this stage that they must have thought I was being paid per visit! And Tom Teo, our QualityControl Manager, has given lots of nightmares to bad tradespeople.  But I was adamant that we would do this to the best possible standard or not at all.

It is with great pride that the Thermo Tent Team got to show Thermo Tents off to the world in 2014. From those sketches, we have developed the world’s only correctly thermally and acoustically insulated tent. Hundreds of people have already enjoyed their Thermo Tents and I hope you do too. In the next year Thermo Tent is already scheduled to go:

  • Into 2 refugee camps in the middle east
  • Into 6 large retailers, in Ireland, The UK and The USA
  • To Mount Everest Basecamp!

We here at Thermo Tents are so certain of the quality of our various products that I personally guarantee to have the products you order online collected back from you and for you to be refunded in full should anything not meet your expectations. No quibble. All I ask is that you send it back as you got it.

We also had some very innovative charging devices that use only salt water as fuel. A world’s first, only available from Thermo Tent. We will lead, never ever follow.

Please become part of the Thermo Tent journey, coming Spring 2015.

2. The Wild Atlantic Way…Ireland

Ok, so I’m a little biased. I was lucky enough to grow up in the southwest of Ireland, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Sure, it rains alittle, or a lot! But our climate has contributed to the evolution of a rugged coastline that boasts so many beautiful features. ‘From its northernmost point in Donegal to its southernmost in Cork, the Wild Atlantic Way offers one of the world’s most diverse and spectacular coastlines. Immerse yourself in the culture, music and food found in the townsand villages along the way, climb the most breath-taking heights and experience a landscapethat revives the soul.’ But this isn’t something that words will help explain correctly so explore as the beginning of your journey. And remember,Thermo Tents are prefect for camping in the Irish climate!


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