Top 6 Tips to Help Decide Where to Go Camping

Where should you go camping for your next big trip?  I have listed the Top 6 Tips that will answer this question and help guide you through the process of deciding where to go camping.

Before we jump into a few of the tips I want to get you in the mindset of thinking of an easy spot to start with or the idea of getting a “quick win” is another way to look at it. Where to Go Camping

The point being that if you are a first time camper, let’s not bite off too much for the first trip. Think about finding something closer to your home and a weekend trip length.

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Type of Camping

What type of camping will you be doing? Are you backpacking, car camping, boating, biking RVing, etc. Deciding on this first will help guide the rest of the process I have lined out.  Be thinking about this as you review sites and talk to people.

What types of camping luxuries do you need? Is a shower and bathroom a requirement? Do you need space for your RV? Are you looking for a nice quiet and secluded place? Are you in need of the full Glamping experience?  These are some of the big questions you have to ask and will help guide you through the process.

Your Research Plan

Here is where we dig into the camping resources to find those campgrounds that fit your need.  Most of it involves connecting with online resources then making connections locally via phone, email or direct communication.

Top 6 Tips to Decide Where to Go Camping:

1) Friends and family

The first easy place to start is with your friends and family. If you have any that are into camping give them a call and see if they have time to talk about where to go. Maybe you can jump in with them on one of their next trips to get your feet wet.

2) Local Outdoor Stores

Use your favorite search engine to find local outdoor stores or similar businesses so you can ask questions. I use my iphone map to search for a local store within the area I’m interested, then write down the phone number.

Yahoo also has a decent local business search engine. You can Check it out here. Once you have a couple of phone numbers give them a ring and ask them what type of campgrounds are availalbe nearby.

3) Local, State, and Federal Campgrounds

Government run public campgrounds can be an excellent choice to find an easy first camping location. These campgrounds can have pretty good ammenities and usually have a campground host to help answer questions and keep things clean and safe. If you had any other safety questions take a look at Part1 or Part 2 of my camping safety series.  Check out this link for a resource to State parks throughout the United States.

4) Private Campgrounds

There are a number of different types of private campgrounds out there. Check out this link  for one example of the type of online mapping resources that are out there. You can also just do a google search.  Type in private + city and state + campground and take a look at the top 10 sites listed. Click on a few to get an idea of what is out there. Again, Take down a few phone numbers so you can make calls if needed.

5) Social Media

These days social media is everywhere so if you are on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site you can try plugging in camping, hiking, backpacking, etc into the search to find groups that are targetting these niches. Many of the State Parks are on Facebook and Twitter so it’s a good way to follow what is new and interesting and ask questions.

6) Camping Meetups

One additional option if you haven’t heard of them before are meet up groups. These occur all around the country for a number of different topics. You can log in to the Meetup website here to access the different groups. Then you can search the database for groups in your area that are into outdoor recreation or camping. You can even start your own meetup group if interested.

After you have decided where to go, This Gear Planning Checklist will help you decide what gear you need.


Before heading out to the campground of choice, make sure to check on any fees or special permits needed. Many campgrounds book up in the summer so it’s a good idea to give them a call to reserve a site well in advance.

If you have time you should drive to the campground before your trip to get a feel for the area.  Check in and meet the park host if one is available.

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