Camp Chef Maximum Output Single cooker stove

This Camp Chef Maximum Output Single cooker stove is an interesting player in the stand alone single burner category. It has an extremely powerful and large burner, pumping out 60,000 BTU’s and covering a large surface area.

The obvious advantage of this being that you can boil large pans of water, or soup etc. Making it a good stove to cater to larger parties. camp chef single cooker stoveYou can sit it up a tailgate, or attach the extendable legs and set it up just about anywhere.

You can boil a big pot of water for a pot of crabs after a fine day on the ocean.  This cooker, like most camp chef products is built to last.

Setup and Design Features

There is not a lot of setting up involved. This is a rough and ready kind of stove.  It has a rugged, built-to-last feel, which is a plus when being outdoors. It comes with a 3ft hose and regulator, so you just simply attach a tank and fire it up.

Camp Chef are experienced at making camping stove and equipment and don’t miss a trick. The legs are very strong and stable, and you have extendable legs to attach to meet your desired height. Meaning you can set the Maximum Output Stove on uneven ground and have it sitting firm and safe.

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If you need a similar type of stove with two or three burner check out our review of the Camp Chef Explorer or the Camp Chef Pro 90 for two larger versions.

The cooking area is 13.75” x 13.75”, so you can put large pots and pans on. Cooking up to 12 gallons of water is a breeze, and you can rest assured it’s stable and safe. Having a large power output and surface gives you a range of options when it comes to cooking,

The dimensions are – 11.8” x 17.2” x 16.5”, and it weighs 19lbs. Not the lightest of stoves by any means, but then you wouldn’t expect it to be when boiling large pots of water. This is a durable, rugged stove that won’t let you down.

Comparison Information

I have reviewed some of the best stand alone two burner stoves, and the Camp Chef Browning for example provides a comparable option. You need to think about what you want to cook while camping. Do you need two burners to cook different meals, or do you prefer one powerful burner that is more compact?

The single burner stand alone stoves are suited more to larger groups. You can cook up a big batch of soup or broth etc and hand it out. You can read my review of the King Kooker, which is also a single burner stove. It’s roughly the same price, but a little less powerful at 54,000 BTU and the Camp Chef brand holds a little more esteem in my opinion.

The Pros

  • High output of 60,000 BTUs
  • You can boil large pans of water with this stovecamp chef single burner bag
  • Detachable and adjustable legs makes it easy to position on uneven ground
  • Compactable and portable
  • Spacious cooking area

The Cons

  • It’s a heavy stove, not easy to carry far distances
  • User feedback is that the flame control isn’t very sensitive

Insider Tips

The black coating will peel off around the burner after a few uses. This is completely normal, but you should be careful not to store the stove anywhere damp as it may cause corrosion. You should always pick up a carry case for your stoves, this will help maintain their condition when not in use, or in transit.

Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker Stove Summary

Don’t be put off by the 19lbs weight, it’s really not that difficult to carry this stove around. I’d call it portable, plus if you need a stove capable of cooking for a group of people you’re probably not travelling light.

So this gets a strong recommendation from me for a powerful, single burner option. Certainly worth a closer look, and the volume of positive comments and feedback from customers is a strong indication of its quality.


At this price point you’re not going to get a better, more powerful single burning stove. It checks all the boxes for reliability, ease-of-use, power output, and value for money. You can’t go wrong with a Camp Chef product, and the Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker Stove is one of their best.  Click on the button below to find a Camp Chef in your price range.

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