Coleman Camp Kitchen – Pack-Away Deluxe Review

What’s one of the main home comforts you miss when cooking while being outdoors? I thought so, having your kitchen and all your utensils to hand, right? Same here. At least, it used to be a problem before I had a portable Coleman Camp Kitchen.coleman camp kitchen

Well, the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Camp Kitchen is about as close as it comes to taking a kitchen with you while camping.

It folds down and packs up into a small carry case, only weighing 24.2 lbs and becoming easy to take any any camping trip.

It unpacks into a large multi-functional mobile camping kitchen, giving you your own mobile kitchen area. Making you feel more at home, while being away from home.

You can set up your stove, store all of your condiments, utensils, paper towels, and anything else you like having close to hand while cooking.

These camp kitchens really transform a cooking experience, so let’s take a look at the specifics.

Setup and design features

While packed up, the Camp Kitchen looks like a large briefcase. It’s light and easy to carry with one hand. Unpacking it is a breeze, it’s well designed and just easily folds out. Trust me, you won’t need any instructions, it’s child’s play. In fact, if you’re camping with children – they can put it up for you!

The Coleman Camp Kitchen benefits from the experience of years of different camping kitchen designs. Combining some of the best functions of others, while carry the Coleman name and giving you peace of mind that you have a quality product.

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Food preparation becomes a breeze with this product. You have sturdy counter space to place all your food and drinks, a separate area to hold your stove and cook, a washing basin that removes for easy cleaning, storage for cutlery and utensils, shelves for other cooking items, and much more.  If you have a stand alone stove, like the Camp Chef Explorer, you can use the extra space for preparing food.

There is literally a place for everything you need. Looking at my itinerary of what I take with me when I camp, they haven’t missed a thing. There is even a hook for a lantern to hang on for those dusky evenings.

Dimensions – 74.5″ x 64″ x 20″ (when open), 39.5″ x 7″ x 20″ (when closed), and weighs 24.2 lbs


  • Solid construction, rust resistant frame
  • Folds down to a very compact size, easy to store and transportcoleman deluxe kitchen
  • Includes condiment racks, removable sink, shelves, and paper towel holder
  • Side tables offer plenty of room to cook on
  • Affordable price makes this a valuable edition to any camping trip


  • Can be difficult to set up on uneven ground
  • Not designed to carry heavy loads

Insider Tips

Although this product is made from a study construction, care needs to be taken with the weight you put on it. You cannot lean, stand, or sit extremely heavy items on the shelves or they will bend.

Bending legs and shelves are one of the largest gripes from owners. So it’s worth remembering, treat the item with care and it will be fine. It’s strong enough for what it’s intended for.

Coleman  Camp Kitchen Summary

In summary, for an affordable price you’re getting a travel companion that’s going to make your life a lot easier. If you have been camping or cooking outdoors for some time, this will likely come as a welcome comfort.

If you are interested in additional coleman cooking products, take a look at their site here, or send me a message at

Space and convenience is always one of my top priorities. This kitchen is both light and tightly packed, so I can’t find a fault there. You can use it in your garden when having a barbeque, on the beach, lake outings, picnics, the options are endless.


Once you start using this Coleman Camp Kitchen, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Works a treat for the casual or experienced outdoors person, take a closer look and let me know what you think.

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