Camco Deluxe Grilling Table Review

This Camco Deluxe Grilling Table is a versatile, multi-functional camping table. Having one of these makes camping trips, tailgate cookouts, and outdoor party’s a whole lot easier and more organized.grilling table

It has a spacious and lightweight design, and is more than strong enough to handle your cooking.

You’ll feel like you have your own little kitchen using this table outdoors, and the beauty of it is it only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

It has storage areas, side shelves, an area for your stove, and a tabletop among other little nice touches. So all of your utensils, condiments, and other cooking accessories will all be kept tidy and organized.

These grilling tables are becoming very popular, and for good reason. Let’s take a closer look at how this table can improve your camping experience.

Setup and design features

Setting up this Deluxe Grilling Table is a breeze. You just simply remove the grilling table from its bag. Starting with the middle, unfold the frame and extend the legs. Place the frame where you want to set up, then put the metal rack on.

Then just place the aluminum tabletop onto the frame, set up your stove and start cooking. You can place all of your utensils, condiments etc on the shelves and in the rack. You have everything to hand, no more running back and forth to the car or sifting through your boxes or bags.

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You won’t be surprised to hear that it’s just as easy to pack up. Just simply do the reverse that you did to set it up.

It’s been interesting to see grilling tables and other camping accessories evolve over the years. There are storage places and surfaces to take care of everything.

Camco have put a great deal of thought into this product, and it shows. There is enough surface area to prepare a large meal, and storage for everything you need. It feels solid, and is built to last.  Prices range from $70 to $145.

Dimensions – 19″ x 37″ x 6″ (folded down) and 19″ x 57.75″ x 32″ (set up), and weighs 16 lbs.


  • Packs up into a nice easy to carry bagcamco
  • Quick and easy to set up, or pull down
  • Strong, lightweight construction
  • Can be used at a wide range of outdoor functions


  • There is fiberboard used in the construction so it’s not entirely wet-weather proof
  • The smooth aluminum surfaces can become slippy

Insider Tips

The side tables are made of some type of fiberboard and are known to warp a little or hold water. So when using the Camco in rainy conditions you’ll need to do something to cover the tables.

You can go through the effort of coating or waterproofing them. But you can get away with a waterproof sheeting of some kind and a bit of care and attention.

If interested in another model without fiberboard, take a look at Coleman’s Camp Kitchen.  This model easily holds all of your cooking gear and stands the toughness test.

Camco Deluxe Grilling Table Summary

This grilling table is a game changer for people who currently don’t use any type of table. And, for those who use a simple makeshift table, you’re going to wonder how you ever made do.

Having all your utensils to hand and being able to run your own little kitchen on the campsite is the standard now. It’s very affordable, it’s very convenient, and it’s extremely helpful – I wouldn’t leave home without a grilling table or portable kitchen. You shouldn’t either.

Don’t just think of this table as a camping prop. Being able to use it in the yard, or carry it to a BBQ or cookout at a friends is just as satisfying.


This Camco Grilling Table is great value for money. Take a closer look and let me know what you think. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.

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