Coleman Hyper Flame Stove Review

The Coleman Hyper Flame Gladiator Stove is an interesting two burner stove. It’s definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, and the build quality reflects this.

What I like most about Coleman stoves is that they always deliver on quality. coleman hyper flameFrom the lower end models, all the way up. Coleman is a solid brand, and their reputation is built on satisfied customers.

But the Gladiator takes it to the next level. It’s constructed from thick steel. This means it’s a heavy unit, coming in at around 17 lbs. But that’s still easy to carry to camp even if it’s a little walk.

It’s well worth the peace of mind if you’ve been let down by more fragile stoves.

Setup and Design Features

The Hyper Flame features a unique wind blocking pan support. It’s a design not seen on other models, and it works pretty well. The lid is also constructed from heavy steel. Coleman have put some thought into designing the stove around protecting the flames from wind – and it’s a nice touch.

The stove is wide enough for two large pans, which is great for cooking and boiling water simultaneously. It also comes with two square griddles, perfect for frying eggs and bacon etc. They have curved edges to, so don’t worry about grease spilling.

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The burners produce 12,000 BTU’s and heat up quickly. It’s worth noting the flame does come out of the middle of the burners, not the edges like some models. This means you can get hot spots in the middle of pans.

In line with other two burner stoves, the Gladiator uses propane fuel. It comes with a bulk tank hose, so you can increase the run time for those long cookouts. Some propane stoves struggle in cold and windy conditions, this is where those extra burner protectors really come in handy.  Take a look at this quick video from Coleman to get your fired up.

Dimensions – 26.8” x 6.6” x 14.9”, weighing 17.1 lbs.

Comparison Information

I don’t have any accurate reports on time this stove takes to boil a liter. But some users have given the feedback of around 3 minutes. This is highly achievable, seeing as there is a  12,000 BTU flame. This puts it at the higher end of the two burner boil times within its class.

The Stansport Outfitter Series for example takes up to 5 minutes. But it’s significantly less expensive, to this is the trade off there. The Gladiator is on the higher end when it comes to cost, but it over delivers in quality of build.

It’s a small stove that‘s capable of keeping up with some of the larger stoves. It’s built to last too, so if you considering a stove for many years to come, this should be a consideration.  Prices range from $145 to $170.


  • Increased run time with a bulk tank hose
  • Large enough to fit two crab pots side-by-side
  • High quality, solid steel construction
  • Plenty of power in the 12,000 BTU burners


  • No legs to help stabilize on uneven ground
  • Customer feedback reports the flame can be hard to control on low

Insider Tips

This lid is very heavy and is designed to be a wind breaker. Some users have found the support bar to be a little on the weak side in heavy winds. As a tip it’s worth adding some extra support, or being aware of this when cooking in windy conditions.

Having the lid slam down while cooking would be a disaster. Avoid the potential of this happening by being aware of this and checking the stability.

Coleman Hyper Flame Summary

The Hyper Flame kicks out a decent amount of power. It has enough room to manage two pans, and is built to last. You will be using this stove for many years to come in all weather conditions.

While it doesn’t come with a carry bag, it’s not entirely necessary. The stove comes equipped with plastic trim, it’s a heavy duty build, and a carry handle.


If this is the first stove you ever buy, you’ll be impressed. If you have had stoves before, you’ll never go back. The Coleman Hyper Flame brings some quality to the outdoors, you’ll enjoy cooking on this stove – I can guarantee it.

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