Primus Firehole 100 2 Burner Stove Review

The Primus Firehole 100 Stove came in at #4 in our overall 2 Burner Camping Stove review and made the list based on a number of unique features.  The Primus name has been well known in the backpacking and camping industries for many years.  They have provided plenty of unique features over the years and the 100 Stove is no exception.

Setup and Design Features

Primus Firehole 100 StoveThe Firehole is a table top stove so setup is very easy and includes folding out the lid, attaching the wind screens and turning the piezo automatic ingnitor.   This Primus stove has an output of 12,000 BTU’s per burner.  This puts it in the middle of the 2 burner stove class for overall power and is a very respectable power output for this category of stove.  The two stoves rated higher than this stove were the Camp Chef Everest and Stansport Outfitter than had 20,000 and 25,000 BTU’s per burner respectively.

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The Firehole runs on propane canister fuel as do the majority of the table top 2 burner stoves.  As noted in another post, propane is one of the easier fuels to get ahold of.  This stove is also pretty efficient and will burn through fuel at a little slower clip then the higher powered stoves previously mentioned.  The stove is one of the higher priced stoves in this category partly based on the name of the company and the unique design and features.  If you are interested in other higher end camping products, find out what Glamping is all about here.

Comparison Information

The overall dimensions are 4.9”H x 15”W x 20”L and  it weighs 13 lbs.  At 13 lbs it is one of the heavier table top stoves in the Top 5.  The Firehole is one of the shortest stoves in length that we reviewed and was the same length as the Coleman Dual Fuel Stove.  At 20 inches it will be difficult to get two large pans on the stove at the same time with the windscreens up.  If you have additional questions about any of the Firehole models take a look at the Primus website.  One nice feature of this stove is that the windscreens fold down to provide more cooking area needed.  This is only recommended in very calm camping conditions.

Additional unique features for the Firehole include a flexible fuel hose that has a dedicated storage area, recessed burner knobs and a visible carry handle.  It will boil a liter of water in about 3 minutes which is about as good as it gets in this category.  There were a few concerns with the piezo ignitor.  Some days it clicked over and fired up and other days it wouldn’t quite start up.  In these situations it’s always handy to have a lighter or match handy.  This is a good reminder to always have extra backup camping gear available.  I always keep extra matches and a lighter for backup for extra security.  Other than the piezo, this stove is pretty maintenance free.

The major downsides to the stove include the heavier overall weight, small length and overall surface area and finicky piezo ignitor.  There were also some issues with the paint getting worn and/or burnt off during first time uses.  The firehole has a different overall design and sticks out quite a bit from the other stoves in this category.  It has some unique features that we have already noted that help to let it stand out from the crowd.  It does not come with a carrying bag but does have a auto-ignition.  The Primus company also offers very good customer service if you have any questions about their equipment.  Prices range from $85 to $170.

The Pros

  • Flexible fuel hose with storage slot
  • Heavy-duty lid construction
  • Windscreens adjustable and secure

The Cons

  • Heavy
  • Finicky Piezo lighter
  • Short overall length

Insider Tips

The windscreens fold down on the firehole to provide more surface area when needed.  Especially important when cooking for large groups and using large pots.  These screens have magnetic attachments which is a little different that the other stoves in the cateory.  On some of my camping trips I have had to create a larger wind break at times in very heavy wind.  If it get really bad you can always drop your stove to the ground and use a food box or other gear to block the wind to keep the flam going.

Primus Firehole 100 Stove Summary

The firehole costs a little more than our other top rated 2 burner camping stoves, but does provide a few additional features.  The flexible fuel line with dedicated storage and recessed burner knobs are very convenient.  The 12,000 BTU rating keeps it in the middle of the pack for power.  The Primus name has some credability in this industry as well.


Overall this Firehole 100  is a reliable stove, from a reliable name that many of us in the camping and backpacking field have come to know.   If you want a new take on the old standard 2 burner stove the Primus Firehole 100 Stove  should satisfy your camp cooking needs.  Give it a shot on your next trip and let me know how the Firehole performed for you.

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