Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner Stove Review

The Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner Stove held strong at the #3 spot in the Top 5 for best 2 burner camping stove.  It provides 11,000 BTU’s per burner and comes with the trusted Coleman brand that many of us know and respect. A coleman stove was what my dad used on our trips growing up and I still use many Coleman products today because of the affordability and quality.

Setup and Design Features

Coleman Triton Series StoveLike most table top models, setup is very simple and only requires opening the lid, screwing on your propane canister, and pushing the peizo ignitor to fire it up.  There is a Triton model without a Piezo ignitor that is about $20 less.

The Triton series has adjustable windscreens and is lighter than many of the stoves in this class.  It’s slim design will give you the ability to tuck it into any convenient spot in your car.  This resource link has additional camping gear tips to help with preparation.

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The dimensions are 5.8”H x 13.9”W x 23”L and it weighs 10.6 lbs which makes it a little lighter than the competition.  The only stove in this review that was lighter than the Triton was the Coleman Dual Fuel at 10 lbs.  Take a look at Coleman’s website if you would like to take a look at additional models currently available.

It burns propane fuel like most of the stoves in this class.  Propane is the fuel of choice for these stove types because it is easily available and convenient.   The ubiquitous coleman green propane bottles are everywhere or for more efficient use purchase the larger gallon + sized propane tanks.  Here are are 7 additional camping tips to make sure your trip is successful.

Comparison Information

Be aware that if going into very cold environments, propane is not as effective as other fuel sources.  Liquid fuel actually will perform better than any of the canister fuels in these extreme environments.  As mentioned at the top, this stove provides 11,000 BTU’s per burner and is about half of the output of the top rated stoves.

Although it has less output this can be a good thing since it will be more efficient and will burn less propane during the trip.  The Triton was not the highest rated stove partly because it lacks the BTU power.  The two higher rated stoves had twice the BTU’s per burner.  If a super powerful stove is not critical for you then the Triton will do fine in most situations.

Coleman Stove Carry CaseYou will not be taking this on a backpacking trip, but for general camping use it is very compact.  There is basically no maintenance required other than keeping the drip tray cleaning after heavy use.  The drip tray is easily accessed by removing the steel grate.

The downsides for the Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner Stove compared to the higher rated stoves include lower BTU output and a little smaller surface area to work with.

It will be challenging getting two 12 inch pans on the stove together without opening the windscreens.  It will accommodate a 10 inch and 12 inch pan at the same time though and I have found that this is usually sufficient.

The durability, lightweight design and simplicity were a few of the positive features of the stove.  There is also a griddle that can be purchased separately and helps when frying larger quantities of food.  There is a Coleman carrying bag that can be purchase separately as well.  For those hunters or people that just love camouflage, a mossy oak version can be purchased for an additional $10.

Take a look at this link if you are interested in the history and benefits of the mossy oak brand.  I like it because it just looks cool but there has been a lot of research put into these camouflage patterns.  The Triton Series stove costs between $60 and $100 which makes it one of the best values in the 2 burner stove category.

The Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable wind screensColeman Triton Series Stove
  • lightweight
  • Optional griddle accessory

The Cons

  • Lower BTU’s than Top rated stoves
  • Average sized cooking area
  • Burner controls less sensitive than other models

Insider tips

The griddle stores inside the stove and is sold separately.  The griddle is helpful when cooking large meals and is especially helpful when cooking that nice big breakfast in the morning.  Here is a quick recipe for cooking a breakfast quesadilla.  It is a good idea to use the first burner closest to the propane tank for all of your large BTU needs and use the second burner for simmering and more detailed cooking.

Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner Stove Summary

The Coleman Triton will provide enough power and wind protection to get the job done in most camping situations. The lighter weight and Coleman name will give you confidence that you can count on this stove for years to come.  It is less expensive than the competition yet has some of the key features including piezo ignitor and good wind protection.  There are a few accessories as well as models that can be purchased to customize your experience a bit.


I recommend this stove for most camping conditions and feel confident that the Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner Stove will perform well for your next trip.  Give it a shot and send me an email to let me know how well it performed for you.

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