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I have listed the Best outdoor hiking snacks to provide a better experience next time you reach for the camping or hiking snacks.  I know that whenever I am heading out to my favorite fishing spot for the evening or going on a hike with the family I have a few snacks along with me to make sure I can make it to dinner without feeling hungry.  Listed below are some other reasons that snacks are important while camping and hiking.

The Importance of Camping and Hiking Snackshiking snacks

  • Safety Preparedness
  • Keep Kids feeling good
  • Get more things done
  • Less stress throughout day
  • Healthier for everyone
  • Enjoy your Journey

Here are the top snacks in no particular order for camping and hiking trips.  I’ve included a nice selection of easy to make hiking snacks as well as snacks you can pick up ready to go from the store.  I know that a few of these have saved my butt a number of time while on the trail or camping.

Trail Mix

I have to start with trail mix because it is such a staple and really easy to make and transport.  The right trail mix really allows you to quench your hunger but also gives you an extra boost of energy for that last push of the day.  Take a look at this link for a few amazing recipes that will give you that extra boost.

Cliff Bar

This can really be classified into the trail bar category so whichever one you love you should go with it.  I have been stuck (in a good way) on cliff bars over the last year.  They have managed to make a tasty bar that gives you that extra energy to accomplish your challenges for the day.

My favorite now is the sierra trail Mix currently, but peanut butter is a good one if you have kids.  hiking snacksTake a look at Cliff Bars website here for additional nutritional facts and information.

Beef Jerky

Although a little spendy, beef jerky really packs a nice punch and is really tasty.  If the store bought jerky isn’t up to snuff you might try your local meat shop.  Although a little bit more expensive, the quality of the meat will be better.  I try to get my hands on homemade jerky when available from friends and family.


Whether I am hiking, backpacking, or camping a nice chunk of your favorite cheese is always good.  Just remember to use cheese in moderation as you should with all foods.  I personally am a extra sharp cheese fan, but there are so many varieties out there that it’s easy to find the right one for you.


If you are just burning time sitting around the camp a bowl of pistacios is a delicious way to pass the time.  They are like the upgraded peanut.  Although peanuts are good, they just don’t have that same little extra kick that a good pistacio has.  Grab a small bag from the store and check it out for yourself.

Grilled pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? And who said you couldn’t have pizza while camping.  Although there are now camping ovens you can use, this little recipe is pretty easy.  I found this recipe while surfing the net and can’t wait to try it out.   An easy way to make a small pie while outdoors.

Campfire Quesadilla

These are a snack that takes a little more time than the rest but is worth it.  As long as you have a frying pan and some cheese you can have a great snack.  You can see our camp quesadilla recipe here as well.Guacamole


I personally can eat guacamole every day.  Avocados provide many health benefits and are super tasty.

For an easy guacamole recipe try mixing one avocado with a little of your favorite salsa.  Take a look at this chipotle recipe for a more traditional take on it.


This one came in from my mother in law who said grapes saved the day on one trip back in the day when she was climbing Mt. Hood in Oregon’s Cascade Range.  Because of the elevation that day she couldn’t eat anything except those juicy grapes she had in her pocket.  I have really been enjoying red grapes as of late.

Dark Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with a little chocolate for the trip.  Dark chocolate will provide a lot more of what you need than milk chocolate.  Make sure to keep it in the cooler sealed in a zip lock back if you are in warm conditions.  Try adding dried cherries and roasted almonds to create an easy trail mix.

Tanka bars

Tanka Bars are a little spendy but are pretty amazing.  I used these in my wife’s birth survival kit while we were nearing the birth of our first baby. Tanka Bar

Take a look at these Eagle Creek pics to see what a 40 week pregnant lady can do on the trail.  Yes, she can still hike with the best of them.

Rice Crispy Treats

I will finish off with the rice crispy treats because it is really all about the kids or the kid in you.  I know I love these things.  Go ahead and make up a batch for your next trip.  indulge with friends and family into one of the great trail treats.


There are the Best outdoor hiking Snacks that I have found to help me hike further and enjoy the camping and hiking experience at a higher level.   I hope you found a few snacks that you can put in your bag for the next trip.  Leave a comment below and let me know if you have a few favorite camping snacks or hiking snacks that were left out.


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