Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest Review

The Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest is a lightweight vest with pockets and compartments for everything you’d need while running or on a hiking or backpacking trip. Racing vests are incredibly useful when running, they give you a way to keep everything you need close to hand without using a backpack that’s going to move while you run. Let’s take a look at what makes this vest from Salamon so special.

Setup and Design FeaturesSalomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest Review

This vest is made from synthetic materials. It looks like a mesh, which makes it breathable and able to stretch and return to its normal size. This means you can buckle it up pretty tight and not worry about the vest shifting around as you run, which is what good racing vests are supposed to do.

The vest has two exterior side zip pockets, a chest pocket, back compartment, a zip back pocket, and two flask holders on the front of the vest. It has more pockets than you can imagine using at first glance, but most people find a use for every pocket. They are all easily within arms reach while running, so you can grab a water bottle or something to eat without having to stop.

The vest also has a pole holder, reflective patches, a whistle, and a safety blanket. If all of that isn’t enough it’s also available in red/aluminium, blue, or aluminium/black/red. You can choose from several different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. The twin-link sternum straps make sure it locks to your body nice and snug, I’ve never seen a complaint about the fitting.

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The flasks that come with the vest are designed to compress as you drink from them. This stops the water splashing around as you run and is a nice feature. I still prefer a hydration bladder for keeping hydrated while in motion though, and there is a pocket to hold a 1.5L bladder to take care of this.


  • Lots of pockets for all your items
  • Lightweight, stretchable fabric that breathes as you sweat
  • Holder for a hydration bladder enabling you to drink while running


  • Hydration bladder not included
  • Not one of the less expensive vests

Insider Tips

The S-Lab comes with two 500ml flasks but not a hydration bladder. It has a pocket that fits a 1.5L bladder perfectly, so I recommend picking one up at the same time. Bladders are a lot more convenient that flasks or bottles, and if you’re running it’s a much smarter choice.

The Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest SummarySalomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest Pockets Bottles

The main talking point among owners of this Salomon vest is how well it distributes weight and fits nice and tight to your body. These are two of the most important factors when choosing a running vest, so you’re well taken care of with this vest.

It has about as many pockets as you can physically fit onto the vest too. Making good use of every available bit of space. Too many pockets is a much better problem to have than too few. It’s a great all-round vest and very highly rated, perfect for beginners or experienced runners.


If you love running or hiking and want a solution to wearing a clunky backpack and travel a bit lighter a racing vest is what you’re looking for. The Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Racing Vest is comfortable, has plenty of pockets, is well-made, and most importantly, it won’t let you down.

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