Camelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest Review

The Camelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest is a lightweight, minimalist, high-quality running vest. Running a marathon is tough enough and wearing an uncomfortable vest or not having enough water only makes it more difficult.

This is where marathon vests have risen in popularity in recent years, and the designs keep becoming more refined as you will see with this vest from Camelbak. Let’s take a close look at the specifics and see if this is the vest that’s going to become your new running companion.

Setup and Design FeaturesCamelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest Review

I will say off the top that marathon vests are supposed to be minimalist and lightweight, but this vest takes it to a new level. It’s surprising just how light this vest is, it’s around 1 lb and barely noticeable when you’re wearing it. This is exactly what you want from a vest.

This vest is designed to be used with the Camelbak Antidote 2L hydration bladder. As you can see in the picture the bladder fits in the pocket on the back and the tube locks in place with clips to feed all the way down the front of the vest. All you need to do is reach down and pull the tube to your mouth to sip water as you run.

The vest has been designed to also carry a water bottle, has pocket space for some snacks, phone, gloves, hat, keys, and I’m sure there’s enough space for any other essential items you like to take with you when running. There isn’t a lot of storage, but it’s been cleverly designed for marathon runners with enough space for all the essential items. I can’t think of anything you don’t have space for.

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The material is high-quality, lightweight, breathable mesh where needed. The phone pocket has sweat-proof material, so don’t worry about your phone it’ll be safe. You have double adjustable straps on the front and the sides to help you get the vest all snug to your body. The true test of a marathon vest is how much you notice it when you’re running. Once you hit your stride you won’t notice you have the Camelbak on if you have it secured properly.

Comparison Information

Looking at the Camelbak next to the Salomon S Lab vest there are some notable differences. Firstly, the Camelbak holds a 2L bladder, while the S Lab holds a 1.5L. This is probably going to be a difference that separates the crowd. You don’t want to take more water than necessary as the extra weight will trim your running times, while you absolutely need enough to get you through your run.

A lot of the other particulars are very similar. The Camelbak is a little more sleek and minimalist in its design, but both of these vests are great value and won’t let you down.


  • Extremely lightweight and snug fitting
  • Capacity for 2L of water in a hydration bladder
  • High-quality construction and breathable fabric is great in hot weather


  • There are too few pockets for some people
  • The straps can be a little fiddly each time you wear

Insider Tips

There has been feedback from women that this vest hasn’t been designed with women in mind. I can’t comment on this firsthand but it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that this topic has come up more than once. I would suggest checking out other vests if you’re female that have decent feedback from women who have tried and tested them.

Camelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest SummaryCamelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest with Tube

Most of the discussion around this vest is how well it performs on long runs. It’s incredibly comfortable and has very little movement. Just what you want from a marathon vest and some extra reassurance to hear it from marathon runners.

Don’t be put off if you’re a new runner too. Starting out with the best gear is only going to help you perform at your best. This vest is an investment you’re not going to regret.


Whether you hike, walk trails, run, or take part in marathons, you need water easily accessible to sip on. It doesn’t get much easier and more comfortable than the Camelbak Marathoner Hydration Vest, it’s well-designed, comfortable, and won’t let you down. Check it out.

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