What is Glamping and Why You Should Care

When I first got into the online camping world I kept hearing about Glamping and Glamping Accessories.  I didn’t think much about it at first but after hearing a number of other mentions I decided to take a deeper look into exactly what it was.

Was Glamping  a real thing?  Was it just some word created to make money online?  These and other questions probably came to your mind initially as well.  There were other questions that came up as I started doing a little research. what is glamping

After describing what Glamping is and why you should care about it I will take you to the Top 5 Glamping accessory items and Top 5 Glamping Resources that will help you experience a little more of this 21st century phenomena.

What is Glamping

As you have probably imagined, Glamping is a mixture of the words Glamourous and Camping.  Not your typical “roughing it” in the woods type of camping experience.
The Glamping experience ranges from what you might picture if you placed a nice hotel room in the middle of a beautiful outdoor location.  This experience might allow you to avoid setting up a tent, sleeping bag, cooking kitchen or chair.  You are there to enjoy the setting without the tasks of normal camping.

It has been said that Glamping is at the very least having a real bed and hot water.  Many of the Glamp sites have full size beds setup inside the tent, but I don’t think this is a requirement.

I think Glamping might also be considered the simple idea of adding a few items to your current camping gear list to make it a little more luxurious.  Maybe its a new inflatable air mattress that is the size of a queen mattress or a tent that has been dubbed “The Hilton” by friends and passers by.

I think this is the category that many of us fall into and how we are connected to Glamping even if we don’t know it.  I know I love to get that new piece of equipment and test it out.  I have two huge tents I use on occasion and an inflatable air mattress that is great for the whole family.

Why You Should Care

So, the big question then is whether you have a little Glamping in you and if you are interested in taking a little taste of the Glamourous Camping Experiencewhat is glampingIf you are looking for that hotel room in the woods with a huge tent, real bed, heated water, food prepared, and all things taken care of, then you fit the Glamping bill.

You also might fit the bill if you are not interested in the high end stuff, but do love to make your camping experience a little closer to how you feel at home.

The top 5 Glamping Accesssories

So if you don’t have enough money to pay for the high end outdoor hotel experience or aren’t interested in that experience but want a little more luxury (aka Glamour), I am going to help you make it happen.  Here are the top items you need to make your camping experience more glamp-like.

Glamping Tent

A nice big tent with plenty of room for a bed and room to move.  Heading #2 has information to help you choose a tent that’s right for you.  You might have a brunch style table setup or a large yoga area inside.  Either way, it’s the extras that make it Glamping.   Click here to see what the folks over at Davis Tents have for a Glamping style tents.

Glamping Bed

Although you don’t have to pack the box spring and mattress like some of the higher end Glampers, there are plenty of inflatable mattresses that will create a similar experience.  Take a look at this link for an air mattress that is very close to a normal bed.  There are a number of different styles and models of Glamping beds on the market.

Hot Water

One of the requirements stated from Glamping Hub was hot water and the easiest and most cost efficient way to get this is to purchase a solar shower and tent accessories to go along with it.  These things will bring your camping experience to another level.  There are a number of products that use either propane or the campfire to heat an element which heats the water.  Here is hot water on demand when solar isn’t an option.Glamping Sunset

Glamping Kitchen

In order to get that Glamping experience for yourself you have to have an amazing outdoor kitchen and although you might not have someone cooking your meals you can have the best gear.  Check out the 3 burner stand alone stove to compliment your camp kitchen.  Take a look at additional Camp cooking equipment here.

Glamping Chair

You are going to spend time sitting around camp a bit enjoying the experience so here is one chair that will help give you that glamping experience.  There are a number of different models out there to choose from.  Take a look at our resource links below for a few other ideas.

Bonus Glamp Item

My bonus item I  am giving out to folks that would like to sit on a throne is the portapody and tent setup.  My partner recently said if you can’t squat then you shouldn’t be camping.  But we are talking about Glamping here so sitting down on a nice seat doing your duty is all good.

5 Glamping Resources

  1. Glamping.com is one of the biggest resources to find Glamping destinations around the world.  You can get a feel for some of the different types of high end experiences at their site.
  2. Glampinghub.com has a huge searchable database resource to find Glamping destinations in your area.  Lots of variation in type and price for the experience.  Take a look at their site here.
  3. I have found many of my Glamping items in the past at Cabelas.com (linked to above) and REI.  Take a look at their site to see the full selection.  Both of these sites have a large selection of items for your next trip. Elk Tent
  4. Goglamping.net is a glamping destination resource from across the pond.  They are a little more European specific but do provide content from around the world.
  5. Inspiredcamping.com has a number of articles on Glamping including an online course to help you get started with a Glamping business.  Take a look at their main page here.


Even if you have never heard of Glamping before there is a good chance you have purchased glamping gear or been around Glampers.  I am calling you all out today to try out one new Glamping item and see if it makes your next trip more enjoyable.

I am also calling you out to check into one of the Glamping Accessories and Glamping resources we have listed to find out if your next vacation would be more enjoyable outside of the hotel.

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