Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker Review

I’m a big fan of these two burner stand-alone stoves. They’re great for cooking at home, or taking with you anywhere you go. They typically deliver good power and allow you to cook almost anything. There’s also something fun about standing over a Bayou Classic power stove and handing out food to family and friends.bayou classic

The Bayou Classic DB250 High-Pressure Cooker Review ticks all of these boxes. Bayou Classic are known for making quality, durable, and reliable stoves. So with the name carrying some weight, let’s take a closer look at this model.

Setup and Design Features

There isn’t a lot to do after taking the Bayou Classic out of the box. You get a couple of options with the legs, depending on how high you want the stove to stand. The pack includes a 3’ pressure hose, regulator kit and valve assembly kit to get you all rigged up. There is also a wind shield to add some extra flame protection. It’s quick and painless to assemble and fire up for the first time.

The advantage of two burners over a single burner is an obvious one. You get two burners, so you can cook or heat up two pans at once. The Bayou  brings a massive 55,000 BTU’s per burner too, so they are strong enough to heat up huge pots of food.

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Each burner can handle a 60-quart pot. Providing enough surface cooking area for the most adventurous of outdoor chefs. Think about it like this; you can boil a large pot of stew while cooking a side on the other burner, or meat and sauce separately, or boiling water and preparing food. It’s pretty versatile having two power burners at your disposal.

With a solid steel construction and adjustable legs, you can find a suitable height to suit your needs. It has a no-frills look, but that’s just a reassuring reminder of how durable this stove is. I’d pick durability before cosmetic appearance any day.

Dimensions: 13.3″ H x 20.5″ W x 32″ D, weighing 37 lbs

Comparison Information

Comparing the Bayou Classic to other stoves in its category its holds up well. For example, the Camp Chef Browning Explorer 2 Burner Stove does have the edge on power and overall reputation. But the Bayou is half the price, more than enough compensation for those small shortfalls.

It’s a similar story with the Camp Chef Expedition 3X 3. The Expedition is a great stove, and tips the balance with quality and power over the Bayou. But again it’s considerably more expensive, and is more of a favorite with the loyal Camp Chef campers.

It’s hard to find a two burner standalone stove at this quality, with this price tag. If you’re looking for a stove that does the job well, albeit without the frills of a utensil holder, or side trays, this might be the stove for you.  Prices range from $115 to $140.

Dimensions – 32.5” x 19.4” x 13.6”, weighing 39.8 lbs

The Pros

  • Large cooking surface with two 14” burners that can accommodate two 60-quart potsbayou burner
  • Heavy duty steel frame and double brass control valves
  • Legs easily extend to 25” in height
  • Includes 3’ pressure hose, regulator kit and valve assembly kit

The Cons

  • Can be a little uneasy on rough ground
  • No side tables and a small wind shield

Insider Tips

When you first get the stove light it up let the flames burn for a few minutes. The paint used isn’t heat or flame proof, so you need to let the paint around the holder’s burn off. Not a big deal, and not uncommon with painted stoves. But best to do it without cooking at the same time.

Bayou Classic Stove Summary

It just further proves how user-friendly and easy this stove is to get to grips with. You hook it up out of the box in a matter of minutes, and start cooking.

It’s a good stove for beginners and experienced outdoors folk. It offers good value for money and won’t let you down. It’s just at home being used in the garden as it is on your travels, so you will find plenty of opportunities to use it.


With two high power burners and being quick to set up, there is no shortage of opportunities to use this Bayou Classic. Easily able to serve a large group of people and keep the hunger at bay, keep it in mind if you after a two burner. Check it out let me know if you have any comments.

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