Camp Chef Explorer Browning 2 Burner Stove Review

The Camp Chef Explorer Browning Two-Burner Stove is targeted at outdoors enthusiasts, sportsmen and hunters. But don’t let that deter you if you are a casual outdoors person, someone who likes to cook off their tailgate, entertain at the campsite, or cook just about anywhere. I say this is because the Browning Two-Burner is a stand alone camping stove that is ready to cook at a moments notice.Browning 2 Burner Stove

With the Camp Chef trusted brand you know you are getting a quality product. With a total of 60,000 BTUs across two burners you are not limited to what food you can cook, and boiling or simmering water is easy.

Its easy to assemble and convenient to transport, so you can always find a reason to take it with you wherever you are on the move.

Setup and Design Features

Like all Camp Chef stand alone stoves, the Browning Explorer is quick and easy to assemble out of the box. The regulator and 5 ft hose is included and fix into place easily, no additional tools are required so the first time you use it could be while outdoors.

It weighs around 40 lbs standing, it’s not a light free standing stove by any means, especially when you compare it to table top models like the Coleman Triton Series 2 Burner that weighs in at 10.6 lbs. But the extra weight is well justified, the Browning Explorer comes with heavy duty legs, a rugged stove area, and a three-sided windscreen. All built to last under heavy usage from even the most active outdoors people.

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Like most stand alone camping stoves it burns propane fuel.  Propane is affordable, safe, convenient and easy to use.  This differs from many of the backpacking stoves which burn on a butane mix or liquid fuel.

Dimensions – The Camp Chef Browning Explorer Two-Burner Stove has a 14” x 32” cooking grate, with an overall cooking area of 448” Sq. The cooking height is 29” and there is some room for adjustment with the legs.

Comparison Information

When looking at the Browning Explorer next to the Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove the slightly higher price point is justified. This stove looks and feels like it has a much stronger build, and indeed that was the intention when designed. It weighs in a few lbs heavier, but that helps the stability.

A lot of the features are almost identical, they both have the same output from similar burners, and almost identical windscreens. The Browning has a more ‘’outdoors’’ look and feel with the large logo printed across the windscreen, but both are modern and sleek looking so this comes down to individual preference.  Prices range from $130 to $150.

The Pros

  • Two 30,000 BTU Burners
  • Solid, durable construction, built to last
  • Three-sided windscreen for flame protection
  • Removable and adjustable legs, easy to construct even on rough ground
  • 14” x 32” cooking grate and total cooking area of 448 sq in.Camp Chef Griddle
  • Manufacturers one year warranty included

The Cons

  • Average sized cooking area, might not be suitable for large parties
  • There are more powerful models on the market
  • Heavier than other models, not ideal on long distance hikes

Insider Tips

Camp Chef sell some great additional items that are compatible with the Browning Two-burner. Check out their range of restaurant style griddles (featured in the picture here, but sold separately), they provide an easy to clean cooking surface for eggs and bacon etc.  There is also a barbecue box to turn your stove into a portable BBQ grill.

Camp Chef Explorer Browning Stove Summary

Anyone who has used a Camp Chef stand alone stove before will tell you that they are built to the highest quality, they really are the leading name in outdoor cooking. This stove is a rugged, versatile model designed to cook anything from a steak and eggs breakfast, to pizza for lunch and onto a slow roast in the evening. The possibilities are limitless, and with fully adjustable heat-control knobs – everyone will be fighting over the chance to use it.


At this price point, two-burner freestanding stoves don’t come much better. It checks all the boxes from easy of use, power output, value for money, quality of build, and positive feedback from satisfied users. So, if you have used the Camp Chef Explorer Browning Two-Burner Range, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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