Jetboil Minimo Personal Cooking System Review

The Jetboil Minimo stove is a compact, lightweight canister-based stove and complete cooking system. Unlike some small canister-based stoves, the Jetboil gives the user a good flame range from simmer to boil. jetboil minimoSo leave those pre-packaged foods at home, you can cook some pretty decent meals on this stove.

Setup and Design Features

Setting up the Minimo is about as easy as it gets and is identical to setting up the Flash. All you have to do is sit the fuel canister on the legs to add stability. Attach the head of the stove, and then slide the pot on top and attach it securely. You’re ready to fire it up in a matter of seconds.

The stove is designed well with a decent amount of protection against windy conditions. The thermal insulation on the pot is really effective at retaining heat, and you even have a choice of colors too if you like customizing.

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If you have used a Jetboil stove before, you will be familiar with how easy to use their products are. The Minimo feels even more refined than previous models, so it’s easy to feel confident that this stove is going to be a durable and reliable companion to your backpacking trips.

Take a look at this short video to see the features:


Comparison Information

Comparing the Jetboil Minimo to Jetboils previous models there are a few changes, notably you have a much shorter pot on this stove. This means it’s a lot easier to eat from with a spoon, and with a lower center of gravity the stove feels more secure when cooking. This model also has a vastly improved build quality and grip, making it easier to handle.

MSR makes similar person cooking systems as seen in the Reactor and other newer models that are being developed as we speak.

The Jetboil burner has been upgraded from previous models too. You now have a simmer control, which means you can fine tune the size of the flame and hold your food/water to simmer. The head has a built-in piezo igniter, which I always like to see on a stove as there is no need for fiddly matches and lighters.

The canister fuel stand attaches to the pot firmly. Which is an important, and sometimes overlooked feature on these types of stoves. I find it an essential fail-safe option knowing the pot is attached firmly if you take your eye off it.

The fuel canister packs snugly into the pot when travelling, and overall the stove only weighs 1.3 lbs. So this stove isn’t going to take up much space in the backpack, and you can even add one as a backup in your travelling kit with no problem.

Dimensions: 8″ x 7″ x 6″, and weighs 1.3 lbs


  • Great simmering ability allows for a wide range of cooking options
  • Pot lid snaps securely into position
  • Very compact design for ease of transport
  • Volume markings on the pot help with cooking measurements


  • Flame is so well shielded it’s hard to see it while cooking.

Insider Tips

The Minimo pot is all you need for a lot of meals. It comes with measurements on the side to measure out what you’re cooking, it has a thermal coating to keep the contents warm, and you can hold it like you would a large pot. So leave some of those other pots and measuring jugs at home, it’s a great space saver.

Take a look at the manufacturers website for additional information for the minimo or other Jetboil products.

Jetboil Minimo Stove Summary

Jetboil stoves have always been reliable and great performers, and the Jetboil Minimo is no different. With emphasis being put on the simmering capability you have more cooking options than some of the other canister-type stoves, putting this model ahead of a lot of its competitors. I think it’s a great little stove, and the user feedback is very positive.


As far as small, fun, easy-to-use canister stoves go – the Jetboil Minimo is up there with the best. It’s reasonably priced and looks pretty good to, so why not take a closer look and see what you think.

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