Olicamp Kinetic Titanium Stove

The Olicamp Kinetic Titanium Stove slots nicely into the best of backpacking stoves. It’s a small and lightweight stove weighing only 1.7 oz, and pumps out more than 9,000 BTUs so it’s packing quite a punch.

This stove is reliable, powerful, durable, and best of all it’s able to cook a wide range of foods easily with it’s custom pot that attaches securely to the burner.

Setup and Design Features

To use the stove, first you screw the stove securely to the fuel canister. Thten you attach the pot to the top of legs coming off the burner. I always prefer using pots designed for specific models of stove, you know they are going to attach firmly.

Being constructed from titanium it only weighs around 1.7 oz, which is almost half the weight of the MSR Pocket Rocket. This is a big deal for a lot of backpackers and hikers. Don’t worry about a compromise in quality, titanium is a strong metal and the build quality is on par with the larger brands.

The one area where the Olicamp suffers is it’s performance in high altitude or windy conditions. It doesn’t come with a windshield so you will need to sort something out for yourself. Not a huge deal, and very situational.Olicamp Kinetic Titanium Stove

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Fuel doesn’t perform as well in the mid 30’s and below. If you are seeing frost you need to switch over to a white-gas fuel. But seeing as these small backpacking stoves are so affordable, it’s not a huge ask to have more that one stove and use one as a back up.

Comparison Information

The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System and the MSR Reactor Stove are two obvious stoves to compare to. They are both much bigger names and brands, but I always like to give the underdog a fair chance and the Olicamp deserves a look-in.

The Olicamp Kinetic stove performs well when it comes to boiling water. Boiling a liter of water in under 4 minutes, a very respectable time. You can cook an instant meal in the same time, that’s pretty quick.

It’s the dimensions and construction that is a huge selling point for most. Being incredibly light and made from titanium, it’s not going to rust and the construction is very strong. This is always a huge plus for me, I need that peace of mind that I can set up camp and not be let down.

Dimensions – 2.5” x 2.6” and weighs 1.7 oz (48g)


  • Fuel efficient and has power when needed
  • Better value for money than more expensive models in its class
  • Fitted pots come with the purchase
  • Strong and lightweight titanium construction


  • Not the most stable of simmering stoves
  • Can suffer at high altitudes

Insider Tips

You can use your own pots and cookware, but my advice is make use of the pots that come with the Olicamp. They are designed to be stable and this means you can feel more comfortable taking your eye off the stove when cooking.

Olicamp Kinetic Titanium Stove Summary

The customer reviews over on Amazon are flawless. There are literally no unhappy owners at this point and that says volumes about this stove. As you will know as well as I do, backpackers are not very forgiving if they get let down by equipment. No worries about that with the Olicamp.

This Kinetic stove is also very affordable, and with it’s unique features and the pots that come with it you’re all set right out of the box. I expect to see a lot more from Olicamp with regard to backpacking tools and equipment in the future.


If you’re looking for a super-lightweight stove that packs plenty of power, the Olicamp Kinetic Titanium Stove ticks all the boxes. I started out saying this is an underdog when stacked against the more well-known, larger brands.

Stacking all the specification side-by-side with those brands it’s no longer an underdog. It’s a superb all-round stove and well worth taking a closer look. Just click the link below to see the latest price and more user reviews.

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