MSR WindPro II Review

MSR have built up a huge range of stoves over the years and there are models to suit everyone and anyone. The MSR WindPro II fills the gap when it comes to looking for a slightly larger backpacking stove with plenty of power.MSR Windpro II

The WindPro has all the usual features and build quality we have come to expect from MSR. It comes in a little lower in price than some of their other backpacking stoves too which we will look at in more detail in this review.

Set up and Design Features

I will say right off the top that the WindPro weighs 6.6oz, so it’s not among the lightest backpacking stoves on the market. But it’s still light enough to carry with ease, so it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

It’s not difficult to build out of the box and comes with instructions if this your first stove. I always recommend doing a trial set-up at home before going camping though. You’re not going to be the most popular person if you cannot get the stove cooking in a few minutes after a long day hiking.

It’s worth noting that the WindPro is a remote canister stove. This means that the gas canister is attached to the stove via a fuel hose. The benefits of a remote stove being that the flame is not really close to the canister, and it’s easier in most cases to secure the flame with good windshield coverage.

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The WindPro II supports pots up to 10” in diameter, which in my experience is usually more than enough when backpacking. Its steel construction and has thick legs designed to handle heavy pots, so I don’t anticipate any problems with stability or reliability.

MSR stoves have made their name on being economical. The WindPro is no different, you can get around 70 mins burn time from just an 8 oz canister. This stove also uses an inverted liquid-feed, making it a more consistent performer across all fuel levels and weather conditions.

Dimensions – 6” x 6” x 7” and weighs 0.41 lbs (6.6oz)

Comparison Information

The MSR Whisperlite and International stoves are two similar models, and it’s hard to pick between these three as market leaders. But looking at them in detail there are some different features that may sway your preference.

The WindPro sits in the middle of the three. It’s lighter than the International, and slightly heavier than the Whisperlite. It has a boil time of 3.6 minutes, which is slower than the larger and more powerful International. While being slightly quicker than the Whisperlite.

So sitting in the middle of the three and being reflected by its competitive price, this stove is a great option for backpackers looking for a reliable and good all-rounder.

The Pros

  • Stable base and holds large pots and pans
  • Sensitive flame adjusting knob
  • Comes with a windshield
  • Remote gas canister set up

The Cons

  • It’s heavier than similar backpacking stoves

Insider Tips

This stove should be a top consideration for people who come across windy and cold weather conditions as this is where the WindPro II excels where others struggle.MSR Windpro II Close Up

The stove comes with a large windshield and has a solid base to make the most of the flame. While the inverted liquid-feed gives you a more consistent performance and great economy.

MSR WindPro II Stove Summary

The WindPro is a deserving member of the MSR family. It’s affordable and great value for money, it boils water efficiently, and it’s easy to setup and use.

I like where this stove fits in with the other options on the market. It’s certainly high up on my top picks.


This stove is popular with backpackers looking for a reliable stove with large cooking capabilities. Click the link below to see the latest MSR WindPro II price and some user reviews.

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