MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove Review

There is a reason the XGK has been one of the best backpacking stoves in the world for quite a while and I don’t plan to knock it off of the top with this years review. The MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove provides all of the features everyone has come to love and trust for 35 years, but also now has a flexible fuel line and an improved design to support larger pots.

Setup and Design Features

In order to set the stove up you first need to screw the shaker jet pump attachment onto your gas tank.  MSR XGK EX StoveYou then plug the fuel line from the stove into this pump assembly.  Once you have this hooked up you will pump the stove to pressurize the chamber.  Next you will open up the fuel line to prime the stove and then close the fuel line.  After this you will light the priming fuel and after a minute and before it burns all the way down you turn the fuel valve on high to fire up the powerful flame.

It takes a little more effort to get this one going because of the priming feature.  In order to provide more value and options for you I have written an article about campfire cooking.

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The dimensions are 5” x 3.9” x 3.5” and it weighs 13.2 oz.  The stove burns multiple liquid fuel types including white gas, kerosene, auto fuel and diesel among others.  It is known as the multi fuel stove and is a reason why campers from around the world and survivalist alike love this stove.  The XGK will burn 1 hour and 49 minutes on 20 oz. of white gas.  This was the highest rated stove because of these features along with the durability, dependability, and efficiency that it has proven for years.

Comparison Information

This stove will boil a liter of water using white gas in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  There isn’t much maintenance required for the stove because of the amazing design and a feature called the shaker jet.  I have found very little issues over the years but if there is any buildup of soot just give the stove a quick shake and a needle pushes out the soot and debris.   MSR XGK EX

This stove has been the choice for many expedition hikes over the years because it is so effective at high altitudes.  It is a fairly compact stove but will fold out to support larger sized pots.  Take a quick look at this link for other camping gear tips.

The stove is fairly noisy and can be described as the jet engine sound.  The MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove does a great job at rapid boiling but doesn’t simmer well.  Other than this all of the other features are very solid.  It folds up small enough to fit inside most average sized cook sets.  Depending on the fuel you use there may be a little soot buildup on the pan as most liquid fuels put out more soot.

If you are interested in food ideas that don’t involve cooking, this link has some great information.  It comes with a lower and side wind screen that work effectively.  In comes with a small parts kit and a carrying bag but has no auto-ignition.  The prices ranges between $130 and $160.

The Pros

  • Burns every type of liquid fuel
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Works well at high altitude and cold weather
  • Boils water quickly
  • Years of proven service

The Cons

  • Doesn’t have a low simmer setting
  • Noisy
  • Fuel bottle purchase separately

Insider tips

It has a cleaning mechanism (i.e. Shaker Jet) that only requires the simple shaking of the unit to clean any clogs that build up in the fuel line.  One technique for adding the ability to simmer is to add space between the burner and the pot.  A lightweight metal pie plate with the bottom cut out can be added under your pot for better simmering ability.

There are multiple sized fuel bottles that can be purchased.  Consult the MSR website or the stove box it comes in to determine burn timing and which bottle is the best choice.  I also wanted to share with you an insider tip if you have kids and are struggling to get out hiking.

MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove Summary

The MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove has been the most trusted and durable backpacking stoves on the market for years.  A few of the recent upgrades have added some additional value to this model and has allowed it to continue to lead in the backpacking stove market.  These features include a larger pot support and flexible fuel line so the stove is more compact.

It is still known around the world as one of the most dependable and durable stove on the market.  The MSR brand is one that has set a standard for a very high level of effectiveness and efficiency.


The MSR XGK EX Multi Fuel Stove was the  #1 Rated stove this year due to the strong attributes it demonstrates so I am able to  highly recommend this stove for all backpacking, world travel and emergency preparedness situations.  Give it a shot and let me know where you were able to take the EX.

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