Omnia Oven Review

This camping oven from Omnia Oven is something a little different, and that’s a good thing.  It sits on top of a single burner and its unique design allows for some interesting cooking options. It’s manufactured by a Swedish company, and there is a free cookbook on their website if you need some ideas to get you started.omnia oven

I was fortunate enough to put it through its paces on a recent camping trip. I made a few meals, and the highlight was some baked fish which was delicious.

If you’re looking for a lightweight oven to use on your stove and widen your meal options, read on as this might just be what you’re looking for.

Setup and Design Features

The Omnia has an ergonomic design, and although it’s just made up from three pieces it’s really versatile. Because you are sitting it on top of your single burner there is no installation. You get three pieces in the box; an aluminium food holder, a steel base plate, and an aluminium lid.

The clever part is how the design makes the most of the heat from the hob. There is an air lock between the base plate and the food holder, and the cone shape design carries the hot air over the top of the oven. The steam vents on top ensures that cakes aren’t soggy, so everything is covered.

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This makes for even heat distribution. The manufactures claim this oven gives food the same texture as when baking in a conventional oven. I haven’t cooked enough to confirm this myself, but lots of happy owners speak very highly of the cooking ability.

This oven holds 8” squared, or 2.1 quarts, which is more than enough to feed 2-4 people. It’s designed to work with any type of burner, so gas, electric, kerosene, or even a grill, you can use this oven.omnia

It’s compatible with the majority of the 2 burner or stand alone stoves I’ve reviewed. If you’re not sure however and can’t find an answer, drop me a mail and I will take a look for you.  

I recently had a great conversation with one of the owners of the the Omnia Oven.  It was a pleasure to connect with him and know their customer service is exceptional.

Dimensions – 4” x 10” x 11”, and weighs only 1.8 lbs.

Comparison Information

It’s similar to the Coleman Camp Oven I reviewed not too long ago. It’s a little more expensive, but I think this is reflected in the quality and materials it’s constructed from. The Coleman Oven folds down and is not made from such strong aluminium as the Omnia.

The Omnia oven is also a lot lighter, which counts for a lot when you are already packing a stove to use with it. Personally I give this oven the edge.   Even though the Coleman is a larger stove you can still do more than enough with this one.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Easy and quick to use, great for beginners
  • Can cook a wide variety of mealsomnia oven review


  • Not the cheapest option on the market
  • No thermometer built in

Insider Tips

In my opinion, to get the real value from this oven you need to bake some brownies or biscuits. It’s great at cakes, biscuits and all those sorts of bakes. Just as well as fish, casseroles and all those other evening meals.

It doesn’t have a thermometer built in however, so pick up a food thermometer if want to keep a close eye on your baking.

Omnia Oven Summary

If you have never used a camping oven before, you’re going to be hooked after giving this one a go. Being small and lightweight there isn’t really any excuse not to add this to your collection.

If you keep it clean and take care I can’t see any reason why this oven will not last for years, so think of it as a smart investment.


All things considered, this oven is a really good investment. Like I mentioned earlier, having an Omnia oven with you really opens up a lot more cooking options. It makes for a great gift too if your friend/loved one already has a stove.

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