Coleman Camp Oven Review

Experimenting with different recipes when cooking outdoors keeps the meals interesting. The Coleman Camp Oven will help you continue to try new things and keep it fun outdoors.  Plus, when the oven is not in use, it packs away and disappears for you.

The likelihood is that you have only ever cooked in pots and pans over a burner. coleman camp ovenThe Coleman Camp Oven opens up the possibility to cook baked goods.

This means the possibility of the aroma of cinnamon rolls filling the air, making fresh bread, cakes, biscuits and more.  Or maybe it’s just a turkey pot pie or a pizza out there?

Coming in a handy folded down state and an affordable price, it’s worth any outdoors person taking a closer look at this product. It can easily become part of your camping kit.

Setup and Design Features

The oven comes in flat packed, folded down form. It’s like unfolding a cardboard box for want for a better comparison. It has built in latches, so you just simply unfold it and latch the sides together.

It comes with an adjustable steel baking rack, so you can bake goods in the middle of the oven. There is also a thermometer on the front of the door, so you can keep an eye on the temperature in the oven.

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There isn’t much more to the product than this, and neither is there anything else you’d want for. It sits directly on top of your camping stove. It’s compatible with most, if not all of the 2-burner stoves I’ve reviewed.

Dimensions – 12” x 12” x 12”, weighing 7 lbs when standing.

Comparison Information

There is not a lot to compare this oven to. The Camp Chef Outdoor Oven is a different product. It has it’s own burners built in, and therefore is a stand alone oven. While the Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven is self-serving with a butane tank, the Coleman oven depends on another stove.  Both of the above ovens are very nice, but the Coleman adds a little different twist.

If you already have a two or three burner stove, this Camp Oven is probably your best bet. You can take it with you and use it when you want. The other ovens with built in burners are more situational specific. So I give this oven points for being more versatile.  Prices range from $25 to $40.


  • Great for keeping cooking warm for hours
  • Easy to read thermometer
  • High quality, corrosion-resistant, aluminized steel finish
  • Folds down flat for easy storage and transport
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Can be seen as a little flimsy for the heavy-handed backpacker
  • It’s not easy to set up in rough conditions, or with extreme weather

Insider Tips

Here are some tips from users to help you get the most out of the Camp Oven;

  1. Make sure the camp stove you’re using is as level as possible.
  2. Start with a low flame, increasing the flame as the oven pre-heats.
  3. Use small cooking accessories, like 8×8 pans.
  4. Keep an eye on the thermometer as the heat creeps the longer in use.
  5. It’s really easy to use the oven. As long as you have it set up correctly, it’s easy to get to the temperature you need and regulate it.

Coleman Camp Oven Summary

Baking brownies, biscuits, potatoes, and warming up rolls for your burgers brings a different dimension to outdoors cooking. After using the Coleman Camp Oven to make some of these recipes you’ll be hooked.  Click here  for additional information from the manufacturer.

Personally I think there is room in any backpacker or outdoors person to have one of these in their collection. You don’t always have to take it with you, but it makes for some fun when you do.


With all things considered, this is a really handy little oven. If you have any experience with the Coleman Camp Oven or a recipe that would be great in an outdoor oven, leave a comment below.  It would be great to hear some other things that have worked.

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