Sunflair Solar Oven Review

This Sunflair Solar Oven is an affordable, fun, and as the name suggests – solar powered stove. It weighs only 1 lb, and folds down to a small, manageable size. sunflair solar portable ovenIt’s big enough to cook for up to three people.

I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised what this small solar oven is capable of as you read this review.  If you need a compact backpacking stove, take a quick look at this link.

Setup and Design Features

The Sunflair comes with some accessories. You get two collapsible silicone pots, one tray that doubles up as a baking tray and dehydrating rack, one heat conducting tray, one thermometer, and a handy carry bag.

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The interesting aspect of solar cookers is that they rely on the power of the sun to cook. So no fuel needed, no tanks, or any lighting materials. Not only a plus for safety, but more room in your backpack and less items to remember. Most of have forgot to bring matches or something else equally as important before, it’s not a good feeling.

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It’s really quick to set up, you basically just unfold the stove and find a good position for it. You can reach temperature of over 200 F without too much trouble. Meaning you can cook all the meats, cakes, cookies and other goodies you like to make while camping.

The stove is made from aluminized polyethylene, a shiny and reflective surface conducive in maximizing the heat from the sun. It has a transparent cover, which allows the heat rays from the sun to warm the oven.

The ability to use this stove without fuel makes it a great addition to any survival kit, or as a backup stove as its small and portable.

Dimensions – 19″ x 16″ x 18″, weighing 1 lb, or a total of 3 lbs with all accessories.

Comparison Information

This stove is hard to compare to the other backpacking stoves I have reviewed. Especially as it’s the first solar oven I have reviewed to date. I can look at it against others stoves in its price range, such as the Optimus Nova which is a little more expensive, and the highly rated MSR Whisperlite.

I can tell you straight away the Sunflair is smaller and lighter, especially without having to carry any fuel tanks. I don’t have the information on how long it takes to boil a litre, but it’s fair to say it will take a little longer. It’s hard to match the instant heat of a fuel stove.

But this is where the trade off comes into consideration. Do you want a lighter, economic, green stove that takes a little longer to warm up, or a fuel powered stove that relies on a constant fuel supply.

The bottom line is that the stove is perfectly apt at simmering and heating food. With temperatures of 200 -295 F, you can cook all your camping favorites.  If you still have questions, take a look at the manufactures Youtube channel.

solar stove

The stove and all the accessories are well designed. A manufacturer’s carry bag is always a nice touch, as you know everything is going to fit nice and snug. It’s a great product, the majority of feedback from users is positive, and the common theme is how surprised they are at how well it cooks.

It can be hard to trust a solar stove when you’re used to cooking with gas. But at this price, and with this much positive feedback, you don’t need to doubt it.

The Pros

  • Extremely lightweight and very portable
  • Easy to setup and use with minimal fuss
  • Very affordable when compared to other stoves
  • Made from weather resistant materials

The Cons

  • Relies on the strength of the sun
  • Slower than most fuel powered stoves

Insider Tips

The real value to using the Sunflair is understanding how to capture the most heat. Make sure the shadow is not on the side of the oven, direct the chamber directly to the sun so the shadow is cast behind the oven. If slow cooking for an hour plus, check half way through to see if you need to reposition the stove.

When using the thermometer, place it as close to the centre of the oven as possible. This will always be the hottest spot, and keep in mind that hot air rises to when using trays, the top tray will cook faster than the bottom. So switch shelves half way through for a more evenly cooked batch.

sunflair oven

Sunflair Solar Oven Summary

The oven works well at capturing the sun’s energy, you don’t always need a hot day. It’s a fun, innovative, and green way to cook outdoors, I think it’s interesting enough to take a closer look at.

All the accessories like the pots and trays are well designed and fold up tidy. The pots are dishwasher safe too, so if wrapping them up to throw in the dishwasher when you get home if you’re thing, that’s another tick in the box.


Wrap it up and drop in your bag, in a large pocket, anywhere it will fit. Its super compact and lightweight, which is a huge plus point if you’re looking for lightweight options.

The Sunflair Solar oven is a great option for those looking for a versatile backpacking oven, that’s easy to use. You need some patience warming it up in some conditions, but it’s worth the wait.

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