Orca Extra Heavy Duty Cooler Review

The cooler market is becoming more competitive all the time. With more manufactures and options than ever before, the bonus to us is that there are more to choose from.orca cooler

Which leads me into this review of the ORCA Extra Heavy Duty cooler. I will point out right from the start that this is one of the less expensive coolers, so if you’re on a budget this will be of interest to you.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and see how it stacks up against some of the coolers I’ve tried out and reviewed.

Setup and Design Features

The first thing you want to know when evaluating a cooler is its insulation value. Without any scientific results, I can tell you that users have put this cooler to the test. In hot climates, the ORCA keeps ice from melting for around four days.

The lid seals shut with a gasket for maximum protection. The handles have some added grip in the way of flex grip, so the cooler doesn’t dig into your hands when heavy. The overall quality and design is of a high standard, and considering its price point is at the lower end of the scale, it’s incredibly durable.

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It’s capacity is 20 quarts of ice, and the cooler weighs 24 lbs when empty. This means it’s manageable by one person in most instances, a huge plus when compared to the larger coolers that are a nightmare to move around.

If you needed any more reassurance of the build quality, on their website ORCA claim their coolers are bear proof. Not something all of us will be putting to the test, but this means you can be sure whatever you intended to do with the cooler – it will survive.  By the way, I have been in a number of situation where a bear proof cooler would have been amazing.  You can visit the blog to see some of those stories.  Ok, now back to the review…….

orca extra heavy duty coolerAnother nice touch is the cargo net on the side. You can use this for bottle openers, plastic plates and cutlery, or other items you want close to hand when taking items out of the cooler. The lid locks shut with two whale tail catches, and in-line with the ORCA brand they really are made to look like small whale tails.

The small American flag is a reminder that this product is proud to be manufactured right here in the United States. Supporting our own workers is always something I’m happy to do, and when it’s at a price that cheaper overseas labor can’t beat it’s an even more worthwhile cause.


  • Affordable and good value for money
  • Holds 20Q and keeps ice cold for days
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty



  • There are better insulated coolers on the market for longer trips

Insider Tips

If 20 quart isn’t large enough for you I recommend considering buying two of these instead of one large cooler. If you have two people who can carry them, it’s easier to carry two manageable coolers than one huge unmanageable one.

ORCA Extra Heavy Duty Cooler Summary

As mentioned above it isn’t one of the bigger coolers, neither does it break records with the duration it can keep ice solid. But when it comes to value for money, this is one of the best coolers on the market.

For small parties taking a long weekend break, I can’t think of any other cooler that will do the job as well as this one from ORCA. It’s worth taking a closer look, and hey – knowing your food and drink is safe from bears is a huge plus.


This cooler from ORCA is perfect if you’re looking for a small to medium size cooler for short trips. It will keep your food and drinks cold for days, and it’s small enough that you can carry it around without breaking your back.

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