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The Snow Peak Gigapower Stove is a stove targeted at the ultra-light or minimalist adventurers out there.  Is that you?  It’s a compact, lightweight stove, that you’ll hardly notice in your backpack. giga powerIt packs quite a punch as well, holding its own while boiling water and cooking food against larger stoves.

It has some neat little features, and comes in at a very affordable price. If you’re in the market for a new compact stove, the Gigapower might just pick your interest.

Setup and Design Features

The Gigapower is a compact stove that folds up nicely and fits in your backpack. It only weighs around five and a half ounces, so is certainly aimed more at the more weight conscious backpackers. There is really nothing to the setting up part. Just pull it out, make sure the canister is attached safely, and fold out the four arms.

It uses a piezoelectric igniter, which means you have to just push button to fire it up. The flame controller is a long wing that keeps your hand safely away from the burner. The flames curve upwards and spreads out evenly for a good even cook.

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The stove does not come with a windshield, and you will have a much better cooking experience if you use one.  You can pick up a windscreen for the gigapower here for a few extra bucks.  It has four pot supports that fold out to form a stable platform for pots and pans. They lock in place with pots, so you have that added safety element when leaving hot water to boil

The flame adjustment locks after two complete turns, but you get most of the range from just a quarter turn. It’s a very responsive control, and holds simmer well with a good windshield.

Dimensions – 4″ x 4″ x 2″, and weighs 5.6 ounces.

Comparison Information

The first thing you notice about the Snow Peak is how light it is. At less than half a pound in weight, some of the similar stoves from the MSR range like the MSR Whisperlite are considerably heavier. It does take around 30 seconds longer than the Whisperlite to boil a liter of water, coming in at around 3 minutes. This isn’t a huge drawback in my opinion though.

The Snow Peak is less expensive that its peers, making it an easy option for a secondary or backup stove. There are no fiddle parts or pieces to maintain, so it’s a low fuss, low maintenance option.  If you do have additional questions about other Snow Peak products, take a look at the manufacturers website here.

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  • Affordable price point compared to similar stoves
  • The four pot supports are very stable
  • Extremely light and portable


  • Needs a windshield in windy conditions
  • The piezoelectric igniter can fail in cold conditions
gigapower windscreen

gigapower windscreen sold separately

Insider Tips

Although the Giga power doesn’t come with a windscreen, you can purchase one separately from this link.  The stove will also perform more efficiently with a screen, so I absolutely recommend you pack one.  But, if you are in calm conditions, it shouldn’t be as much of a concern.

The piezoelectric ignition can be a little temperamental in cold weather too, something else to keep in mind.

On another note, if you are interested in mixing up your camp cooking plan, take a look here to see a few tips for cooking with tinfoil.

Snow Peak Gigapower Stove Summary

There is no questioning the Gigapower is a compact and convenient stove to throw in the backpack. It delivers on power and ease of use too, and with a large amount of positive user feedback it’s hard to pick against it.
I wouldn’t recommend it as a complete answer to all weather conditions, but at such an affordable price it’s more than worth a look in.


The Snow Peak Gigapower is a great little stove. If you’re looking for a new backpacking companion you may have found it. Click on the link below to see more feedback.

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