SOTO Micro Regulator Stove Review

This SOTO Micro Regulator stove may be small but it packs quite the punch. It pumps out 11,000 BTU’s and is a very handy backpacking stove to have in your backpack.

SOTO are one of the higher-end stove manufacturers. The quality and detail on their products is always very high, and complaints are few and far between in my experience.

Setup and Design FeaturesSOTO Micro Regulator Stove

One of features that separates the SOTO Micro from other backpacking stoves, and highlights SOTO’s engineering ingenuity is it’s integrated pot stand feature. This is three small posts that fold up and lock together when in transit. This makes the stove very small when being carried, and gives you three pots to use when set up.

The piezo-igniter is also a welcome touch. It’s almost an expected feature on newer models, especially from manufactures like MSR and SOTO. I know that a push-button works a lot better for me than matches. It’s worth mentioning there is a safety feature to lighting the SOTO. You have to twist the fuel valve a couple of turns before the gas will flow through.

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The burner head is larger than most backpacking stoves. It has a lot of fuel holes and the flame is surprisingly wide, meaning heating larger pots is more efficient. The fuel valve is easy to use too, this stove is an all round superb example of a small, lightweight backpacking stove.

Dimensions – 3.8” x 3.7” x 3.4” and weighs 2.6 oz

Comparison Information

The SOTO Micro Regulator stove matches up very well against the MSR MicroRocket. They are both similar prices, very similar in weight, and boil a liter of water in around the same time. The main differences are in the design. I really like how the SOTO packs up smaller and has three pots fitting inside each other. It feels like a more complete cooking option.

The flame head is larger on the Micro too. This gives you a little more versatility when cooking and simmering. I don’t have any stats to hand, but the SOTO is likely to burn a little more fuel. This is always a fair trade off though, and completely expected when you’re going with a stove because it’s more powerful.


  • Incredibly light and goes almost un-noticed in a backpack
  • High-quality design and finish
  • Integrated pot stand for more pots and less space
  • Powerful flame output


  • No windshield included in box

Insider Tips

You will have a much better cooking experience with a windshield. SOTO do sell these but you‘ll need to purchase a wind shield separately. If you already have a spare windshield or like making your own in a true survivalist style, then that will work too. Wait until you have the SOTO Micro in your hands and see what shield gives the best flame coverage.

SOTO Micro Regulator Stove Summary

The SOTO Micro is well built, reliable, and well designed. If you are upgrading from a sub-standard stove that’s let you down, you are going to feel spoiled. With the large burner and some other nice touches, the SOTO is a joy to use.

I like where this stove fits in with other options on the market. It’s competitively priced so it’s in the running with the bigger brands, and it certainly matches up on quality and performance. I recommend taking a closer look if you’re not familiar with SOTO stoves.


The SOTO Micro Regulator Stove is popular among backpackers looking for a very light stove to keep their backpacking weight down and still have large cooking capabilities. Click the link below to check the latest prices and user-feedback to help you make up your mind if this stove is for you.

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