Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Review

I have used a Weber Go Anywhere gas grill for many years and it has been one of the best portable ever.  My old stove is finally on it’s last legs but after a bunch of years, I’ve got my money’s worth so feel pretty good about it.

This grill lives up to its name, you can pretty much ‘Go-Anywhere’ with it. It’s designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to take with you camping.

The cooking is easy with this grill too. On older models, a ‘flavorizer’ bar, was used on the cooking grate to spice things up.  That feature has been discontinued and replaced with a porcelain enameled steel great.  It’s designed to give a more even cook by distributing the heat equally, and giving food that delicious charcoal taste.

weber go anywhere gas grillIt’s adequate for a four person cook, if you’re looking for a six person Weber you should read my review of the Q1000.

The Go anywhere is of high quality construction as you would expect from a Weber, it’s built to last and provides excellent value for money.  I’ve had my old stove in the bottom of the drift boat many times sitting in water.  It still works as effectively as ever today.

Setup and Design Features

The Weber Go Anywhere has one stainless steel burner producing 6,500 BTU per hour. Ample power to provide a good cooking surface over the 160”sq cooking area. It has a push button ignition, giving the user an easy and reliable lighting mechanism.

Take a look at the unboxing video to see what the grill comes with.  It’s super easy to setup and use as you’ll see in this video and the video below.

It has a ‘tuck-away’ lid, so when you’re cooking the lid swings behind the grill out of the way and acting as a wind guard. When on the move the legs swing round on top of the lid, adding some stability and making it easy to transport.

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Like all Webers, this model is crafted from high-quality, durable materials. The grill is stainless steel, it has heat-resistant handles, stainless steel legs. The overall look is very sleek and highly finished.

The cooking grate on this grill is probably its leading feature. Not only is it large enough to cook four steaks, but it has a triple nickel-plated finish. This makes it very durable, and easy to clean without damaging. weber go anywhereIt comes with Weber’s porcelain-enamelled ‘Flavorizer’ bars, their own take on making a cooking surface that offers a more even cook.

The dimensions are – 21” x 12.3” x 14.5”, there is a 160” sq cooking surface, and the grill weighs 15.7 lbs.

Comparison Information

Those in the know have noticed that this model is very similar to the Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere charcoal grill. The main difference is the fact that the 1141001 uses Propane. Propane and charcoal users are very different, so having a choice on this grill really opened up the market.

The 6,500 burner is not as powerful as other barbecue stoves like a Coleman LXE, but you are saving considerably on the cost of fuel, and this stove cooks evenly and handles up to four steaks just fine.

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to setup and use.

The Pros

The Cons

  • Legs can bend if put under pressure
  • Not enough cooking space for for large groups
  • The new cooking grate makes cleaning more difficult

Insider Tips

The reviews from owners of the grill are overwhelmingly positive. But the few that were not completely satisfied complained about bending the legs. Seeing as this happened to very few people, we have to assume it’s due to an unreasonable amount of pressure.

So I thought it worth mentioning, when storing or transporting always fold the legs in fully.  I personally have not ever noticed the legs bending as an issue.  I used my first Go Anywhere until I essentially rusted out the unit.  This was after many, many great camping trips.

One additional tip I would mention is having a plan if you are in very windy situations.  I have had to build a barrier wall around the stove with coolers and camp boxes to keep the flame going.  It’s no issue  in normal conditions.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Summary

This grill is a small, convenient grill that can cook up a great barbecue easily. It’s quite a simple design, but there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. It certainly lives up to its ‘Go-Anywhere’ tag, you won’t have a problem taking this one along on your next camping trip.

Feedback also confirms that this grill lasts for years. Reliability is an outdoors person’s best friend, that’s for sure. Weber have a reputation for building reliable grills, so don’t just take my word for it.


The old saying of ‘good things come in small packages’ is fitting for this grill.  The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill delivers a great cooking experience, from a quality, durable product. With a price that keeps it commensurate with the other models in the single-burner grill range.  To this day, this is still my main barbecue for my camping trips and even my home use.  Call me weird, but I use this stove everywhere – Maybe I should say “Anywhere.”


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