Coleman Steel Cooler Review

This Coleman Steel Cooler is an interesting product. Its smooth exterior and unique styling makes this cooler stand out from the crowd. It looks more like a retro throwback, yet when you take a closer look you realize it has all the modern pros and ingenuity you’d find with any top of the range cooler.coleman steel cooler

So if you’re in the market for a cooler, be it a first or a new one. Read on because this cooler from Coleman has some great features and comes in at a very reasonable price point.

Setup and Design Features

Let’s jump right in and look at the insulation value with the Steel Cooler. If you compare it to much more expensive models like the Yeti Tundra or the Pelican 45 then you are going to notice it’s a little less insulated. But this is to be expected. However, comparing it against other coolers in its price range it shines.

You can easily take a weekend break and keep all your food and drink inside this cooler cold. The lid closes tight with a gasket to keep the cold in, and the warm out. It has stainless steel fixings all round, and a leak-resistant channel that also allows you to drain the cooler without having to tip it.

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What I really like is the simple and sleek design. There is a catch you twist to open the lid, which is the width of the box. So it’s easy to put items in and take them out, and with the 54 Qts capacity you can hold more than enough for a group of people. Just to give you an idea of how spacious 54 Qts are, you can fit 85 cans in the cooler. Not bad at all.

There is no reason to question the quality and durability for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is a Coleman product. Anyone familiar with Coleman will know how well manufactured their products are, I’ve certainly had my fair share and been more than impressed.

Secondly, this product has been in production for many years. I’ve looked through dozens of customer ratings and feedback and can’t find a bad word about the quality. Which fills me with confidence that this cooler is built to last.

Being 19 lbs it’s not going to break your back carrying it, even loaded up with a decent amount of food and drink. The handles are stainless steel with rubber grips so won’t dig into your fingers.

Cooler dimensions – 25.5” x 17.6” x 17.4” (L x W x H) and weighs 19 lbs.


  • Solid constructionsteel cooler
  • Good all round performer and great value for money
  • Easy for one person to transport


  • Locking catch can be a bit fiddly
  • No wheels

Insider Tips

This is cooler is most suited to parties of 4-5 people. It doesn’t have any wheels but it’s not to heavy for one person to carry around. Or if there are two people it’s really easy, so even fully laden the transport side shouldn’t be a problem.

Another plus point to owning a Coleman product is that getting hold of spare parts is always easy. I’m not saying you will ever need to replace any parts, but it’s nice to know just in case. on the topic of additional Coleman parts, this stand is worth checking out. You can set the cooler up at waist height next to the grill and you’re all set.

Coleman Steel Cooler Summary

Coleman coolers are some of the best on the market. This product comes with polystyrene beads and high quality fiberglass insulation. The quality is top notch, and it looks pretty good. It’s even available in different colors, so if you are a bit fussy about colors and looks, you should be able to find a color to suit.

I think they got the size and weight just right for a small party of campers. I know a lot of people purchase one just to have around the home and garden too, so that’s something to keep in mind.


This cooler was designed to appeal to people looking for a more retro look, while being confident they are getting a quality product. The look isn’t going to be for everyone, but if it’s for you I know you won’t be disappointed.

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