Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lantern Review

The Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lantern is perfect for car camping, tent camping, and illuminating a small campsite as night draws in. With a frosted globe and double-power LED light’s kicking out 80 lumens of light it’s more than bright enough, and will make your life a lot easier. If you don’t have a lantern as part of your camping kit yet, by the end of the article you may just have one. Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lantern

Setup and Design Features

The most important feature of a lantern is always the brightness. The Apollo has a rating of 80 lumens, so this puts it in the more powerful category of lanterns. The quality of light is also important, the frosted globe on the Apollo gives out a good ambient light with 360 degree coverage.

The lantern is designed this way so it will not startle anyone if directed at their eyes. You can control the brightness level with a dimming switch too, so you can switch between a dim reading light and a powerful campsite light.

When it comes to setting up the Apollo out of the box it doesn’t get any easier than this. Just pop in 4 x AA batteries, flip the legs down and you’re ready to go. There are dual hooks on the top to hang the lantern anywhere it’s most effective, and the three legs have a wide stance with rubber feet to keep it from moving. The legs fold up and down so you can drop it in your backpack and it’s around the same size as a soup can.

The battery life is around 60 hours on a low setting, and 15 hours when used on the highest setting. There is a power meter displaying the level of charge, so no excuses for getting caught out with flat batteries or no charge. The lantern illuminates an area of around 10 meters, which should be more than enough.

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Black Diamond specialize in outdoors equipment and don’t miss a trick with their products. They’ve thought of everything you could need with the Apollo, and there isn’t anything I would change. It’s even available in a few different colors, so if you’re picky about color matching your equipment even that is covered.

Dimensions – 3” x 4” x 6” and weighs 7.8 oz

Comparison Information

Kicking out 80 lumens, the Apollo is a little brighter than the Black Diamond Voyager. I look at the Apollo as an upgraded version of the Voyager, and the price reflects this. Both being made by Black Diamond they are similar in design and have the same quality finish. There isn’t a lot to pick between them, it’s probably going to come down to a decision depending on your budget.


  • Strong rubber tipped legs
  • Two metal hooks for easy hanging
  • Quality construction
  • Good value for money


  • There are brighter lanterns on the market

Insider TipsBlack Diamond 80 Lumen Lantern

Don’t forget to have some spare batteries in your backpack! The life of the 4 x AA batteries in the Apollo is around 60 hours, but it’s better to be safe than sorry so drop some spare batteries in the backpack.

Another option is the NRG battery pack. This isn’t included with the Apollo, but if you prefer to charge the lantern before each trip this may be a more suitable option for you. You can pick up a battery pack here.

Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lantern Summary

The Apollo is one of the highest rated lanterns on the market. It’s not just my opinion, there is an overwhelming amount of positive user-feedback to back this up. It’s also well known in the hiking and camping circles to be one of the first lanterns to be recommended by word of mouth. There is no higher validation than that, and at a reasonable price it’s a decision made easy if you ask me.


If you are getting by with flashlights and campfires this Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Lantern is going to become your best friend pretty quick. It’s affordable, quality, and most importantly delivers on what it’s supposed to do. Make your camping life a little easier and pick up an Apollo lantern. Click the link below to see the latest prices and customer reviews.

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